First step towards what I drew at my imagination with some help from the flower that was given by the nature. ><

By dragonZUT | All about Draong ZUT | 19 Oct 2021

He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it anymore .......from Avril Lavigne's Sk9er Boi.
Hope to die to my lover.... in the end him and I ....but its not me and the fact that I cant go back gives me pain in my heart  .....  Him AND I 

Just picked up coffee the cheapest ice coffee 'butter peacon' ice coffee which still costs around $3.5   ...............
Still its reward gives free beverage which costs 200 points ...hmm about 1 free drink in 4 or 5 purcharge? Currently the best reward system compared to starbucks lol.........


Its raining today and just like that my heart hurts and painful reminding past memories of the person who I loved most , is it really her or is it that myself of living that time? No matter what it is I know I cant go back but I feel like its both. Thats why I will start writing from now on daily basis.


Smoking it allows me to think a lot of things or travel to the moments in memories that I have which somehow all of them eventually contributed to making me, whos writing at this period somehow.


Is that all ? .... How can 3 of us eat that,,,,,it looks like a portion for one or not even for two......


After 11 years.....
I live a life of waiting for 'Mondays'. Just as you hate it, everyone hates Monday. But you know what? That's why Monday can be the opportunity to someone like me. Just like, Believe or not, I'm writing this on Monday. lol.

Just picked up Dunkin Donut's hot Dunkaccino medium size which says its unique blend of coffee and hot chocolate flavors. Looks like winter is already coming on the way. I always buy large or extra-large sizes except for situations when I can't afford 20 cents for the larger size. So today, I had to get the medium size which made me feel mad at myself for putting me in that situation but also at the same time, giving me some energy from what I learned in those bottom which gave me miserable feelings. 
Specially when I smoke that flower, it makes me think more about my past and the future. Bring your imagination into the real world, those who already all succeed have made that. Please don't say you can't do it before you even tried for it. I know you can do it and I know I can do it better. Let's prove it. From here.

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Dragon Zut. Time to prepare to fly to the sky... Lets go

All about Draong ZUT
All about Draong ZUT

Hi. Lets make a growth day by day. You and I both have stronger power than we believe. Your imagination will bring you there earlier. Lets win at that fight. Support me !

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