Why Nexo Pump High Recently

By bboyady | All about crypto | 4 Feb 2021


Glad that I am now have holding some Nexo and it alarms me that my wallet suddenly pump so high and when I check it Nexo is already above 1USD. December they started with 0.4USD and their growth is pretty consistent till today they break the 1USD barrier.

I believe this pump is because recently they also launch their swap function on their platform.

Yes, for now you can swap coin in their apps and no need to buy coin from external market anymore.


As you all know, if you holding certain of Nexo in the apps, you will get extra 2% interest of the coin that you hold. So if your wallet is same as me only little Nexo, you can use this function to swap it to Nexo and boost your interest.

For now the ETH is in ATH, so I believe it's not ideal to swap. Hopefully soon a little bit correction will come in so that I can swap some nexo to boost my own interest earning.

I believe Nexo coin will not only hang in this 1USD momentum. Hope in future the pumping will be more significant so that I can earn and settle all my debts.


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