CUB defi Farming is live

By bboyady | All about crypto | 11 Mar 2021

Firstly, I am thankful for the birth of Binance Smart Chain.. this is because the fees of each transaction is very low compared to ERC20. If bsc is not created, I believe I will not have any opportunities to do farming because of the gas fees.


To Leofinance or exactly say is hive users, it's a very good news that Cub Defi is finally up and online. So to all Hive users that holding Leo, they are now able to swap to bleo and farm Cub.

So now to farm Cub, the most important things is to get your Leo to swap to Blow to able to do transaction in bsc.

For this case I will use trustwallet to connect everything as the transaction is very fast.

First, head to



Enter your bsc address that you getting from trustwallet. After submit, you can enter your desire Leo to swap to bleo and enter your hive username. After that you will need to enter your Private key to approve the transaction.


After that you can head to trust wallet to do farming. 



Go to trustwallet dapps section and enter cubdefi website as above.



Then this is how the website looks like, yes, it is little lion there..


Before you proceed, choose the chain that you wanna use. In my case, I am using finance smart chain, so you need BNB for a transaction.



After that, connect your trustwallet and you good to go



This is what I able to farm so far because all my Leo is still staking in leofinance. So I am only use little to farm.



So first step, you must provide liquidity. In my case I am using bnb/leo and also bnb/cub for farming. So I just provide this both liquidity. So after you done with the amount, you will need to approve the transaction and provide the liquidity. So sorry I have not have the approving screenshot but believe me the transaction fees just way very cheap. Not even a dollars.



This is how add liquidity looks like. This is my first LP and farm, so you will find out by this post as before erc20 gas fees just killing me. Lol



So after you provide liquidity, you need to approve contract before you can farm. After approve contract and pay very cheap gas fees, you are good to go to stake. 


All transactions not even eat up 5USD. The binance smart chain really give good opportunity to those who wanna do farming in a very low fees.


Previously I really thought I will never have the opportunity to do farming but thanks to leofinance and binance smart chain, I have my very own first yield farming.


Tips: if you wanna harvest, make sure your coin is greater than 50cent because the transaction itself is 50 cent. 


Hope you all happy farming.

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