Coinmarketcap Earn is Real

By bboyady | All about crypto | 11 Jan 2021

I don't quite remember who is sharing the post about coinmarketcap and colonnade earn in this platform. But if you are the person and you are reading my post, please comment below as I need to thank you for sharing the info.. 

After reading the post, I just give it a try with coinmarketcap earn.

After registering and connect my binance account ID, I started to take one section quiz to earn airdrop.



First coin that I try is OXT.

The rule is very simple. All the information for quiz is inside the video. So after you watch all the video and you are ready for the quiz, just proceed to take the quiz.


But you must remember, all the quiz must be correct to entitle the airdrop. If it failed then you need to say goodbye to the airdrop and proceed to another.


With the help previous blogger to give full information about OXT, I successfully got my 20 OXT that worth 5USD++.


I got my dividend in Christmas Eve and I just realised it today. Lol.


I am happy with my efforts finally I can get some airdrop.


So after this I will trying my best to earn more airdrop and make it useful.


So if you are finding some free money and legit, do try out coinmarketcap and coinbase earn.

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