AMPL meme contest

By bboyady | All about crypto | 25 Nov 2020

Good day all. Today as usual I a tipping to some great post in this platform as I earn when tipping too, why not reward other right?

But today when I received the tipping notification, another coin is chipping in...

Yes, it is AMPL.

Also I read a post about AMPL meme contest to. Read it Here.

Yes, they are having Twitter meme contest and as well you can post it here. So I am sending both platform for my entry.

Below is my meme


I believe this is a very viral meme and I am happy to use this photo as my entry.



Yes, I joined Twitter side too. 



So if you are a meme pro, do join this contest and make it more viral.


Cheers all

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All about crypto

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