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By alikoc07 | alikoc07 | 16 Apr 2020


Many people who follow the Steemhunt platform may know the Reviewhunt platform. Today, I will inform you about the newly configured Reviewhunt.

What is Reviewhunt ?

  • Reviewhunt enables tech makers to run review campaigns for their new products with unique quests and mission bounties so that they can easily build a strong early user base and community exposure.


First of all, everyone who used to register should be registered again. The platform then divides into two parts:

  • 1-) Hunter
  • 2-) Maker

These two parts were previously on the platform, but now you can use your account in two ways.


-The question that everyone has in mind is how can I make money from Reviewhunt?

After registering, you will see task tables. Most of them can be called simple marketing tasks.

As an example, someone in the picture below asks you to follow their youtube channel. Follows this channel and wants a screenshot as proof that you follow it later.
You will earn 20 cents if you perform other tasks besides following. Of course, this money may be low, but depending on the difficulty of the tasks you have to do, the amount of money you earn increases.


Since the new version of the Reviewhunt Platform was launched today; I will also tell you about a task I have completed.


After registering; Go to the Give feedback for the new Reviewhunt task. Then, after clicking Join Quest, you can complete the task by typing what you think instead of a small text.

Source and Reviewhunt Website

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