Why TLM could be a great Investment

~This is not financial advice~

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Hey, so TLM is the inside currency of the blockchain-browser Game

Right now you can buy TLM on Binance, Wax, or mine it inside (from now on just AW).

So, how does the currency TLM work?  Link to AQ Technical Blueprint

It all started with 5 Billion TLM in supply 


[Screenshot from the AW Technical Blueprint]

Right now, we are here.


[Screenshot from the AW Technical Blueprint]

Like in Bitcoin, there is a finite supply in TLM. It is capped at 10 Billion TLM.

And only a certain amount can be mined each day. The number which can be mined each day is decreazing over time.

Right now, around 700.000 TLM is mined each day.


[Screenshot from the AW Technical Blueprint]


[Screenshot from]

My next dataset comes from

Right now the circulating supply is around 930 Million TLM


[Screenshot from]


The overall market cap is 168 Million $


[Screenshot from]


With the following share price:


[Screenshot from]


This is how the price developed over time.


[Screenshot from]


But the closer look on the last months is more important. The latest price correction period seems to be over.

Like many coins the last price downfall happened after Elon Musk's tweets. Before those tweets the price was stable around 0,50$


[Screenshot from]


So, what are the use-cases of TLM?

1. You need it for staking for the Planet Binance Mission.


[Screenshot from ]


[Screenshot from ]


I am personally betting on a big price increase when Planet Binance will officially launch.

It could be any day at the moment. It will problably start, when the nft marketplace of binance will launch in june.

The crossover-marketing effect could be great for AW and TLM prices. This is why:

Right now, there are around 230.000 active miners a day.


[Screenshot from]

Or 110.000 active miners in an hour.


[Screenshot from]


The number of Users at binance is unknown to me. But they seem to have around 500.000 active users and more than 20 Million Accounts.  

So, there could be another huge cross-over marketing effect for when Planet Binance Mission finally pops.

When Binance had their BNB TLM Launchpool, members already exploded.

Planet Binance will also be the 7th planet and it looks like Binance and are building up a strong longterm business-relationship.

Also the teleport function between sending TLM to Binance back and forth seems to be working right now. Today, it took me about 5 minutes.


When Planet Binance pops up, a lot of TLM will go into staking and disappear from the market for a maximum staking period of 11 weeks.

This will make TLM more scarce. I'm guessing around 10-20% of the momentary market cap of AW could go directly into Planet Binance TLM-Staking.

So, if you're a short-term speculator, this could be an opportunity for you. Or you stake TLM on Planet Binance too, to get some nice NFT's and hodl or sell them afterwards. I am personally planning to be a long-term hodler and player of this game.


[Screenshot from ]


2. You can stake TLM on one of the 6 planets in AW and earn voting rights. Right now you need to stake 5000 TLM to run for council.

The DAO and governance projects look pretty cool. As AW does no dates, when something new gets published, I'm guessing this could be published in the next 6-18 weeks. I am personally planing to run vor Planet Veles and try to build a charity project in which 1% of daily planetary Trillium Allocation goes directly to charity-education projects in poor countries.


[Screenshot from ]


[Screenshot from the AW Technical Blueprint]


3. TLM will be used in thunderdome and problably for healing wounded minions and weapons.

There is also no date yet, when thunderdome will be released. I'm guessing not before 2months, problably in 3 months as different milestones are still missing before releasing thunderdome. Right now Minion and Weapon NFT's seem to be underpriced in comparison to Mining Tool NFT's

Which is why I am hoarding both and staking it on r-planet for aether until thunderdome is getting published.


[Screenshot from the AW Technical Blueprint]


4. Other use-cases of TLM from the technical blueprint


[Screenshot from the AW Technical Blueprint]


5. Real world use-cases:

Right now with a good mining tool setup you can mine around 5-6 TLM a day.

At current prices this is 1$ a day. It maybe doesnt sound much for you. 

But for a large portion of the world 1$ a day is what they make in 18 hours of hard work.

So I'm betting that more and more players from around the world will join AW to mine and earn another income-stream.

This is actually one of my goals and why I am running for council for Planet Veles. To donate computers and laptops, so people can mine and educate themselves in the meantime in the internet.

There are also many staking discord groups at the moment which help newcomers.



So, now that we have talked about TLM and it's future use-cases, I want to talk about other main-reasons why I personally invest in TLM and AW NFT's.

When I look into startups and crypto-startups I look mostly on the white-paper and the founder.

I have read the whitepaper -->White Paper . I liked it and especially the TLM Mining system seems to be very well thought out

Then I looked into several interviews with the founder and main developer --> AMA Interview Michael Yeates

He seems to be very down-to-earth, hard-working and he can code himself, which is good.

Afterwards I went to the reddit and discord Channel of AW. 

The reddit channel right now has not much action, but the discord channel is full of traffic.

When I look into the #support channel I see since more than 3 weeks, that there are dedicated support members who answer every question 24/7.

At the moment, the AW-Team is also not rushing into things and doesnt do Announcement-dates.

Which I personally like.

The most important aspect for me is also the first-mover advantage.


Of course, AW is still early and has not even launched version 1.0 yet. 

It is still buggy sometimes (like mentioned in my last NFT Article). But the bug was fixed two hours after my article was published.

I personally like the state in which AW is at the moment. Because the earlier the state is, the more profits you can make as an early adaptor.

But be aware of the fact, that the risk of loosing everything, or a huge part of the investment is also still on the table.

LIke I said, I am not a financial advisor, nor is this financial advice. Do your own research. I am also not a whale, or rich in anyway.

But I invested around 20 % of my portfolio into AW NFT's for mining and thunderdome as well as for staking TLM in the future for Planet Binance.


Negative aspects:

-Right now there seem to be a lot of active bot-networks on WAX and AW which constantly cashout TLM and WAX before getting caught.

This drives prices down. But as AW is completely on the blockchain, if enough Whales inside the game give bounties to independant bot-hunters, this problem should be solved soon.

-When you start to play AW you need to stake around 50-100 WAX.

-The first gold rush days are over, as more players mine for finite NFT's and TLM. This leads to frustration to early adaptors and players of the first hour.

-If Updates don't come in time, other blockchain rivals could take a part of the cake.

-Still buggy sometimes.

-States like China banning crypto.

-unclear tax laws on inside mining?




-TLM is a finite supply inside-game currency of (AW).

-AW is right now nr.1 on the DAPP-Store.

-It has first-mover advantage in a rapid growing blockchain-gaming industry.

-Many use-cases of TLM are about the published, like Planet Binance (soon?).

-Around 250.000 people worldwide mine TLM at the moment.

-There are still risks involved in a competitive new frontier market space

-The game could still scale up 10x

Best thing would be for you to take a look into and see if you like the game yourself.



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