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AW NFT BUG-Why you don't get any NFT since 30 hours and how you get it

Update 2:

DavidElvion | sxhay.wam - 6 minutes ago


please see this article for an explanation and a solution:



Update 1: Here is how you can claim your NFT's


Hello fellow miners,

As you may have noticed, NFT's have dropped significantly since my last post.


Overall drops are down about 85% in the last 3 days.

But there is another thing, I noticed people not receiving any NFT since more than 30 hours. Here is how I found out.

Step 1. Goodvibesmining Veles Leaderboard

I checked out the last person, who has received an NFT



So I clicked on LAST NFT received and it shows me this:


Step 2: Check his wallet

But the thing is, dqyua.wam never received this grey peacemaker.


And he didnt receive a logmint.



Step 3: How long has this been going on?

So I checked, the last person who received an NFT was rmism.wam on 27. May 9:10 UTC

Uqsdy.wam didnt receive his NFT. As I write this, its around 16:36 utc 28th may.

So the bug is in action since at least 26-30 hours.



Step 4: What happened?

This was 16 hours after the bag lock fix, so there is problably no correlation.


My clock is utc+2, so around 13.59 when uqsdy.wam was the first one to not receive his nft, RAM issues hit



So, even though we have mined NFT's since then, it seems like nobody got his or her NFT.

I want to clarify, that I love and think this is a temporary issue.

Anyhow, I want to share these findings with you.




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