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By labrinth | Alien Worlds Blog | 7 May 2021

In my previous post of my Alien Worlds Unbiased Review, I talked about a community inside Alien Worlds called Infidel Mining that rewards miners everyday, every week, and every month - on top of other events and giveaways. After joining their community for a less than a week now, Infidel Mining has launched a new program called the Infidel Wax Staking Program! 


Why Is CPU So Important?

If you have played Alien Worlds before you would have noticed that in order to mine, stake, trade, or do any action, you are required to have CPU.  CPU goes up and down according to the demand and how busy the servers are. In order to have more CPU you need to stake your WAX in, in order to be able to mine during busy hours you would need at least 25 WAX or more. 


The Infidel Wax Staking Program

In this program any new miner can get FREE 25 WAX staked to their account as long as they mine in their lands. To enter you just simply need to join Infidel Mining's discord server, go to the #need-cpu channel and fill in the google form. 


Infidel Mining currently has 6 lands to choose from: Plains, 2 Icy Desert, Sandy Desert, Rocky Desert, and Mountains with all of them having a 5% commission rate which is lower than most lands in Alien Worlds. I personally mine on Mountains due to its high NFT and TLM chance, plus longer time interval. Here are the stats for all of the land: 



Plains: 20:9 [TLM: 0.6, NFT: 0.5, Time: 0.7]

Icy Desert: 16:2 [TLM: 1.7, NFT: 1, Time: 1.7]

Sandy Desert: 23:9 [TLM: 1, NFT: 1.1, Time: 1.2]

Rocky Desert: 17:14 [TLM: 1.6, NFT: 1.9, Time: 2]

Mountains: 36:15 [TLM: 2, NFT: 2.2, Time: 3]



1. Staking is a manual process and require the owner himself (Infidel) to stake each person one by one. Staking will currently be filled under 24 hours after you fill in the form. 

2. Only fill in the form once, or face the penalty of getting un-staked or not be considered for the program.


You can find the form on the discord page under the channel #need-cpu or click here. Note that your CPU stake would be removed if you mine somewhere else.


Other On Going Event

Infidel Mining is also currently having a contest for May's top earners, with the biggest reward being Glavor Disc. Other prizes such as an Uplift Land Plot and Draxos Axe are also up for grabs during May's event. 




Additional Beginners Guide


Staking CPU

The process of CPU staking might be confusing for beginners, here is a step by step guide:

In order to stake your CPU you need to head over to Log in by clicking the Login button on the top right corner.



Once you've logged in, head over to wallet.



In wallet, you will see Stake CPU/NET on the left hand side, click it.



Once there, you can see who you want to stake the CPU under Receiver of Stake where you would have to fill in your address, in my case it would be oojsu.wam (Check the top right corner for your account name if you are trying to stake for your account). The amount you want to stake can be changed on Amount of CPU to Stake (In WAX), put in however much amount you want to stake. Press Stake and you're done!


Equipping 3 Of The Same Tools

In, head over to your inventory located on the top right corner. 


Click the tool you want to equip, and check it's ID number. Copy it. 


Once you have 3 of those ID's, head over to this link that will take you to There you can Login then fill in your account name, in my case that would be oojsu.wam.


Under the tab Items, you need to fill in those ID's that you previously copied in this format: ["id#1","id#2","id#3"]. In the end it would look something like this: ["1099529588039","1099533817381","1099533688846"].


Hit Submit Transaction, and you're done! Refresh your Alien Worlds game and you should see your three set of tools.

If you want to learn more tips on Alien Worlds, read my other guide called "Alien Worlds | 6 Tips To Help Maximize Profit".



This post is in no way sponsored, or endorsed by Infidel Mining.



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