Quarantine (Part 3)

By cryptovato1 | Alien tales | 3 May 2019

Several millions of light years from Earth, there is head of a galactic government called Star  System of Pleyades.

 The Pleyadians are an alien race, resembling to human mankinds nevertheless of higher grade of evolution. However their evolution hasn’t been an easy process, just to remember that approximately 5000 years ago ended the last great galactic war between the forces of darkness and light. From that time the galactic calendar had been set up on a starting Zero point. Before the zeropoint – point of evolution, victory and consciousness the dark times seemed to overhaul several galaxies. Different alien nations – from reptilians or lizzies, humans, greys, dolphins, dwarfs seemed to be each other in a constant fight or let’s face it in eternal invasion.

In the Zero point the peace in thousands of galaxies of the ever expanding Universe had been reached, several cities, entire nations and even some planets were completely destroyed, one of them was the planet Magdem– which was found between Earth and Mars; the remaining parts of this planets are the famous asteroid string between Mars and Earth.

In the Time of Zero Point – leaders, presidents, dictators, kings, emperors and so many other representants signed a peace treaty in the heart of Orion. Since then Pleyades has become a leading reconciling star system amongst other galactic nations and kingdoms. Due to the destruction of Magdem, all the alien nations who were taking part of this  signed peace deal, one of the clauses of this new galactic order agreement was a special zone of Quarantine for the planet Earth. That set up the last  transition period of alien governments in Egypt, Yucatan in Central America, Greece, India, Peru, Mesopotamia, Polynesia, Japan and Australia. These alien governors were sent to our planet Earth to restablish the balance after the Cataclysm suffered in Atlantis.

Pierre asked: “Why did Atlantis disappeared?”

Vinzouteh replied: “ It´s a really long story. But basically the people of Atlantis and their government were acting against the Laws of the Universe and against the mother Earth.”

Ozgardomm added: “So basically the balance of the Energy was broken down, and it turned against them”.

Ashtar responded: “The entire human race is doing similar things just the way as the Atlants did.  This is something that worries all of us. The erosion of Earth, its weakening, decadence of all the human race, all of it is affecting all the galaxies; every unbalance of energy is being felt in every faraway  galaxies.”

Ozgardomm continued with the explanation:

“ Different times of the last stay were set up for different nations.  The last alien ruled nation was the Mayan Yucatan,  the Quarantine had been established by our government to protect the Planet Earth from the outer invasions and to protect the primitive human mankind from the Self-Destruction.

In the planet Earth several studies were held and confirmed the danger if the alien know how had  fallen into human’s hands, it would have rough consequences for this planet. The importance of maintaining the live on Earth was strongly emphasized due to the potential disturbing effects for millions of galaxies.

A new block between sovereign galactic nations has been called Galactic Federation and it’s been ruling them up to these times. The exclusion of Earth on participating on the Galactic was signed and strongly emphasized; the mandatory of this quarantine was demanded on other nations who were out of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Pierre thought: “Do all of them respect the Quarantine rule”?

Vinzetouh replied with his thought: “It’s a good point, because as you know not all of the alien human and non-human being have the same degree of evolution, so as you can imagine – some of them are visiting your planet with selfish purposes”.

Pierre said: “I am sorry Ozgardomm. Please continue.”

Ozgardomm looking quite relaxed narrated the history:

“During these years there were only allowed few scheduled expeditions into the Planet Earth. During the twentieth century the reports by undercover pleyadian agents have been sent more frequently and there was scheduled the whole process of the contact with the human beings of the Planet Earth.

Galactic Federation of Light has decided to share projected messages on the incoming events in different parts of this planet. Fatima’s message from 1917 in Portugal was jealously kept in the Vaticane’s treasures of information due to the prediction of different parts of our current history. One part of the message called Third Fatima’s Secret was the recommendation to share this part between the heads of Vaticane and the superpowers ruling the planet’s Earth System.

Other messages related to virgins appeared in different parts of the world. The virgin icon appeared in several sites of Mexico, Italy, and other Latin American Countries to communicate message of hope and comfort to the people, conquered nations and people in need and despair.

The Galactic Council in the year 1980 of the Earth Time decided to reestablish step by step contact with the Earth.

The quarantine still exists, it has to be dully obeyed, but the initial contact has been getting in a process.”

Pierre told them: “ I really appreciate this. It’s completely different point of view that is far beyond our history archive and our perspective that we are used to see. But why me?”.

Vinzouteh. “ We have been observing your nation. Although you are in a peak of the material era, some of you is realizing that the thing cannot remain the same  that these unsustained growth and overall manipulation one day will have to come down, but the time has not come yet.  From now on the human race is entering into a very sudden and intense dark period. You are very capable, honest and quite pure man even if you are not into any religion but it doesn’t matter. The point is we want you transmit this experience to the other people, and even write a book”.

Pierre asked: “I appreciate it, but why? “

Ashtar answered: “ Because that message is one of the initial ones. Our existence and heritage are and will be in general not enough accepted. There will be some movies that will represent some aliens as bad ones, and in some we will star as a good guys; but any of this is true; the influence of the mass media, speculations and a bunch of hypothesis are making the coming and programmed contact more difficult than as it was estimated. Based on your book which will be soon published, a new book clarifying our existence, purpose and contact will be released many and many years later around the year 2011, but remember that you are the extremely important part of the initial contact.”

Pierre asked them: “Tell me something more about you. About your planet, do you have a family, how about your economy, cause if I have to transmit a message about you, I need to know something more, tangible.” (To be continued)

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Alien tales
Alien tales

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