We paid out over $14,000 in crypto this month!

By Bitcoin Aliens | Alien Apps | 31 Oct 2019

In October our total combined payments are almost $14,500 paid out in a combination of Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

And our Litecoin payouts are really taking off!

You can also see a breakdown of our weekly and monthly cumulative payouts for each of our currencies here on our dedicated stats page

Free Litecoin

Another huge month on Free Litecoin - already we’ve given away 267LTC in total since we released this app back in August. This is already more than our total Bitcoin Cash given away since February. In October alone we paid out 109LTC to our users - our second biggest month in Litecoin volume so far! In $ value this is over $6,100 in Litecoin given away in one month.


Free Bitcoin Cash

Free Bitcoin Cash has also had a big month with more than 32BCH paid out to our users! This equates to more than $7500 in USD value given away in one month.

Free Bitcoin / Alien Run / Blockchain Game

As usual our Bitcoin payments are lower than with Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash - this is due to several factors we pay these apps out off-chain via CoinBase, which has much higher minimum transaction amounts. Across these apps we have paid out $821 or 0.088BTC worth of Bitcoin. 

You can download all of our apps here

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