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Alien Run: The most fun free bitcoin BTC faucet

By Bitcoin Aliens | Alien Apps | 7 May 2020

Join Daniel D’Alien as he runs through the bitcoin blockchain on his quest to give away free bitcoin to the whole world!

This is the most fun way to get crypto!

Run, jump, flip gravity and even use a spaceship to race through the levels and claim your bitcoin prizes.


Start running here and claim your first free bitcoin prizes

There are two different modes to use - Adventure and Daily Missions  - which both give you big satoshi prizes!

Adventure Mode

Help Daniel make it through five levels of blocks by running, jumping and using his special powers to get to the end and claim bitcoin prizes!

Play this mode every hour and help Daniel navigate the blockchain through a series of fun and challenging levels to claim your hourly bitcoin rewards.


Daily Missions

In this mode you can play through up to 8 levels, and claim a bigger bitcoin prize for each level you successfully complete!

The levels get harder and harder so if you want some guaranteed bitcoin you can stop at any time and claim a small reward for the amount of levels you complete. The more levels you finish in the Daily Mission, the more bitcoin you earn!

Daily Mission Screen

Finish all 8 levels and claim one of the big TOP prizes for helping Daniel D’Alien successfully complete his mission each day!

Like the sound of playing a fun game, and earning bitcoin for it? Download Alien Run here today

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