A massive estimated $33600 paid out in April!

By Bitcoin Aliens | Alien Apps | 5 May 2021

This April we’ve paid out a MEGA $33600 across our apps - Free Bitcoin Cash, Free Litecoin and our suite of Free Bitcoin apps as well!

Free Bitcoin Cash

We’ve given away a huge 22.9BCH estimated at a total value of over $17,200! 

On average we give away $4,400 or more than 5.7BCH each week just in Bitcoin Cash.

Free litecoin Jackpot

Free Litecoin

On Free Litecoin we’ve given away an average of over 16LTC or over $3,800 each week. This equals a total amount of $15,500 given away just in April. We’ve given away a total of 64.17LTC in April alone, worth an estimated total of $15,500! 

Now on Free Litecoin and Free Bitcoin Cash you can make hourly claims, bonus claims and earn MEGA amounts of crypto from our offerwall partnerships! Using the Playtime offerwall you can even keep earning Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash while you use your new apps or use the AdGem offerwalls to get BIG one-time rewards simply for filling out surveys or installing new apps!

Offer Wall

Free Bitcoin / Alien Run / Blockchain Game

As usual we pay out less on our suite of Bitcoin games - this is due to our use of Coinbase API to keep transaction fees down, and the subsequent higher minimum transactions required here. Even though our payouts here tend to be lower, we’ve paid out an amazing estimated total of $900 here!

As always you can download all of our apps right here and start earning in BTC, BCH and LTC!

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