Stellerro (Alternative digital banking)

By iccel35 | Ali Olgun | 1 Jun 2019


After the discovery of blockchain technology, new developments in cryptocurrencies emerged. These developments are enough to be exciting for those who like crypto money. Until recently, Krypto currencies can only be changed digitally and can be used today in the use of various commodities and values. Even though the level of crypto money today is impressive, it is still sufficient. Liquidity problems, exchange problems between currency-crypto currency pairs continue. The solution to these problems with healthy functioning and development of the market will be.

One of the most significant additions to the Krypto money is a bank organization in which Krypto money can be exchanged and traded. The lack of a structure in this area, almost like an umbrella, is the fact that everyone can accept. The existence of a large structure that can take gold for financing and security and bring regulations on matters under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Appeals will be useful for all.

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Stellerro is a project that works on this subject. The project is the first example of the type in the field of alternative banking. The vast majority share the project's new digital vision in images made with asset owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators around the world. As an organization, non-liquid assets of the project, which has a contemporary, innovative, and structure, are transformed into liquid assets. Liquidity is the most critical element in the foundation for the development of trade.

The project serves as a bridge between traditional banking and the Krypto money markets and is for high-level work to ensure the integration of both fields. With these studies, crypto will be a useful project for the development of money markets and investors.

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Stellerro asset management is committed to, and support asset-backed mutual funds and digital securities. Tokenized assets are made in an integrated manner with advanced financial institutions.

Stellerro platform will be used for the arrangement of Strom platform. It can provide investment to the projector it will also be used in income payments. Thus, it will give investors the right to private property. The project will help investors, private investment funds, entrepreneurs, and property owners to increase their capital by completing the KYC / AML process with the president.

The project, derived from the words Steller = Star, Oro = Gold, is called as the first technology insurance and financial distributor of the genre. Using predictive analytics and AI (AI) applications commits asset-backed securities, providing professional financial support.

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As a result, if you are an entrepreneur, an innovative investor, or an asset owner, Stellerro will be one of your most excellent helpers. One of the main objectives of the project, which is a vision of a new digital age, is the broader use of crypto money. For this reason, he will be with you with his expert staff. The project, which will be formed for digital securities, will ensure compliance with the requirements of the companies ' jurisdiction. Investment opportunities for the project continue in the fields of tokenize assets, real estate, energy investments, artificial intelligence (AI) and agricultural technology. When both construction and vision are considered, the Stellerro project will take its place among the critical projects in the future.


Token Structure and ICO Information

Token: Stro

Total supply: 8,000,000 Stro

Accepted currency: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR

Sales Dates: June 1, 2019 - August 1, 2019

Minimum investment target: 500.000 EUR

Investment: 5.000 EUR

Minimum investment: 500 EUR

Maximum investment: 100 EUR

Public selling price: 0.86 EUR

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Road Map

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Project Creative Team

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