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I am a bountyhunters, writting articles and blogs for new projects.

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Elrond Wallet

23 Jul 2019 2 minute read iccel35

A few years ago, there were very few volunteers working on the blockchain network. Today, the number of users has reached millions. As projects have been put on the market, there have been severe improvements in security, team, and bandwidth. Process...

Highbank (One ECO system for all ICO's)

11 Jun 2019 3 minute read iccel35

The technological development level of our age is rising based on new ideas, new inventions. Every day a new design, a new project is emerging. Some of them, although commercial, ultimately contribute to the increase in our living standards. Blockcha...

AhrvoDEEX (Aracılık Hizmetlerinin Gelecegi)

10 Jun 2019 4 minute read iccel35

  Yaşadığımız yüzyılda ekonomik araçların gelişmesinin sonuçları ortadadır. Yatırım araçları gelişip çeşitlenmektedir. Bu nedenle daha fazla bilgi ve donanıma ihtiyaç duymaktayız. Yeni piyasaların ve borsaların oluşup gelişmesi ile ilgili bilgiler, f...

Filmgrid (new era in cinema)

7 Jun 2019 3 minute read iccel35

  Together with the process of urbanization, the environments where people can spend time together have begun to emerge. These environments have become better organized and grow the sector over time. Companies of various sizes that have emerged, ente...

Stellerro (Alternative digital banking)

1 Jun 2019 2 minute read iccel35

After the discovery of blockchain technology, new developments in cryptocurrencies emerged. These developments are enough to be exciting for those who like crypto money. Until recently, Krypto currencies can only be changed digitally and can be used...

Crypto Market Ads (CMA)

30 May 2019 2 minute read iccel35

CRYPTO MARKET ADS (CMA) The discovery of blockchain technology is one of the most important developments in recent years. Blockchain technology is a candidate for changing our lives in the near or far future. Although we can see the most significant...