Crypto Market Ads (CMA)

By iccel35 | Ali Olgun | 30 May 2019

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The discovery of blockchain technology is one of the most important developments in recent years. Blockchain technology is a candidate for changing our lives in the near or far future. Although we can see the most significant effects in the Financial Field at the moment, we will feel their effects in many areas in the future.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) aims to bring advertisers and publishers on the same platform. The platform will try to solve problems in a just and democratic way. Publisher and service providers will compete with each other for the lowest prices, competitive offers; they will determine the amount with marketing tactics such as instant communication. Will be able to carry out their advertising campaigns in confidence and quickly without the need for a significant marketing team.

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CMA wants to bring a system in which sellers will not need to check how they sell their goods and services, whether the trade is reliable or not. Globally, P2P aims to build an ecosystem where a deal can make from person to person. The democratic and decentralized crypto market will provide the best environment for advertising. Today many projects pay ten times more for ICO advertising.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) will be a platform suitable for everyone who wants. Advertisers will reduce marketing and advertising costs significantly using the platform. On the platform, you will be able to promote Marketing Services, advise or buy new projects - existing Krypto coins. So they will have the chance to see many services on the platform together. The project that starts with ICO will invest in different areas in the future. CMA markers can be withdrawn to a wallet supporting it. Investors will receive a reward of up to 5% when you lock their tokens.

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CMA anticipates the transformation of markets around the world. It is essential for advertisers and consumers as well as for the easy creation of services related to advertising and marketing with smart contracts, for these agreements to be conducted seamlessly on the blockchain. The project will focus primarily on English speaking markets, and will then focus on markets like South Korea and Japan. As is known in Asian countries, there is a high interest and acceptance against the Krypto money. Consistent with the development of blockchain technology, one of the key objectives of the project.

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Crypto Market Ads will use the CMA token to execute all the work of the platform. The CMA token will be the first and only token of the platform. Advertisers are required to pay for a CPA when they purchase a service. CMA plays an essential role in the market, earning 10% of advertising and broadcasting fees. Those who receive these markers early have the chance to reduce their lifetime transaction fees to zero in detention for at least three or four years. Thus, the value of tokens will increase as there will not be token supply on the platform as well as earning 10%.

Token Structure

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Road Map

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