By AlfonC | AlfonCG | 25 May 2021

As I wrote a few days ago, with flower, we are entering the world of cryptocurrency investments for the first time, and we do it very slowly, especially considering that cryptocurrencies have fallen about 40% in their price write this article).

However, and after going around a thousand times in the last few months, we made up our minds and started to make small investments, to test. With purchases of between $ 2,000 (U$D 12, prox) and $ 10,000 (U$D 61, prox), 3 purchases in different portals, trying to diversify the risk and be able to get to know how each one works.

The portals in which we made the purchases, from Argentina, were:


1) Criptomarket (the link includes a reference, in case they want to add profit, and they help us), which surprised me very pleasantly, since it did not have it on the radar. Flor found it in his networks.

Its platform was very friendly, it was "guiding" us until we could make the purchase, and I was pleasantly surprised that we were credited 0.0002 Bitcoin (about $ 1250) for having completed the first transaction. If I had to recommend a portal solely for its use, this would be my first choice. However, the fact that it is not so well known made me doubt that we would invest a larger sum.



2) Ripio (the link includes my reference, in case they want to add a profit, and they help us), which was the one that I had heard the most, and that has the most presence on social networks. I liked that I had no major complications to make the purchase, we did it quickly and easily; 0 complications. It left me a somewhat bittersweet taste, that they did not immediately credit me the benefit of the referral (I understand that they will do it later), as if Criptomkt did. However, Flor liked this exchange more.



3) OKEX (the link includes my reference, in case they want to add profit, and help us), it is the one that our friend recommended the most to us in bookworm (and that 2 years ago he told me that we had to invest in this and I told him not to fart, earth swallow me), although we did not have a prize for the first purchase (we had to invest more money and we preferred not to), it is the one that seemed most interesting to me to be able to deploy an investment portfolio , since it gives many more options than the other 2 platforms.

Finally, we managed to get along with Flor and we decided to give the title of winner to CRIPTOMARKET, although I think that each one has to be clear about what they are looking for and choose the exchange platform that generates more peace of mind and in which they feel. more comfortable.

Here are a couple of pages where you can get some free coins and tokens (very, very little money), which can be used to later test what it would be like to invest with your own savings:

1 -  is a search website like Google, but it gives you tokens for each search (with a daily limit).

3 -  New platform to control your service subscriptions (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) that gives you its own tokens for registering.

4 -  It delivers 100 daily tokens for visiting the page, it has a Universal Income logic, which is very interesting.

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