TWICE Gears Up To Release Third Best Japanese Album

TWICE Gears Up To Release Third Best Japanese Album

By doesalexx | AlexxIntoKland | 16 Jul 2020

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RubyKS started the Kpop tag in here, but it's most definitely dry, so I'm here to water it from time to time. Just as Ruby, I'm a veteran fan of the media contents that Korea has been steadily exporting. 

By chance, I joined the K-wave due to a Japanese release from a Seoul-based group, and I woke up today to similar news.

Korea-based powerhouse girl group TWICE just announced the third installment of their #TWICE compilation series, set to be released through Warner Music Japan, a long-time partner of the nine-piece act on the country.


The new endeavor, dubbed #TWICE3, following the previous releases' style, is on track to come out on September 16th, 2020, as shared by the group's Twitter account dedicated to their Japanese activities.


#TWICE3 will follow the group's latest single, Fanfare, that skyrocketed to the top of the Oricon's Daily and Weekly Singles and Billboard Japan's Hot 100 charts, a few days ago.


Fanfare was the first sneak peek to what the group has in store for their next original material for Japan, the follow-up to 2019's &TWICE, that in the February received a re-issue featuring a new song.


The #TWICE series revamps TWICE's Korean singles with versions in Japanese. However, this time around, apart from the newest Korean singles by the group, some surprises came along the way.


From 2019's FANCY YOU, STUCK IN MY HEAD is joining the line-up, as the first non-single track on the #TWICE history, but it's not alone. 2019's Feel Special is also doing its part, and 21:29, the group's record dedicated to their fans is likewise getting a Japanese version.


21:29 is particularly special (no pun intended), as it marked the first the nine girls came together as lyricists for a song, so its addition to the upcoming release doesn't come as that big of a surprise.


TWICE teased the Japanese version of 21:29, as part of their announcement today on their YouTube channel.



The full tracklist of #TWICE3 as shared by Warner Music Japan:

01. The Best Thing I Ever Did -Japanese ver.-

02. FANCY -Japanese ver.-

03. Feel Special -Japanese ver.-

04. MORE & MORE -Japanese ver.-

05. STUCK IN MY HEAD -Japanese ver.-

06. 21:29 -Japanese ver.-


All the best to TWICE in this new chapter!


Is only fitting to end this post, with a TWICE song, here it's 2016's Signal, today's recommendation.



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