How I Met #CooperTheDog

By Alex Kuper | alexkuper | 14 Oct 2020

This story happened on January 24, 2019, and even my mother still doesn't know all the details that happened that day. However, I will tell you, although I remember all the languages ​​in the fog. It seems that a drop of magic or some supernatural hypnosis was present in my small town that day. Therefore, imagine winter. it's cold outside, everything is covered with snow, by that time I had finally switched to remote work and it would seem "sit at home and enjoy the heat!", but sometimes I still have to go somewhere due to certain tasks.

So it happened then. at two o'clock I returned from the city centre to my neighbourhood, went to the shop near the bus stop to drink coffee and stood with her on the street watching the children throw snow, someone just walking, and big buses arrive at the final stop after which all passengers they run around their homes like ants.

At one point I noticed three stray dogs, which once again went around their possessions nearby. And, of course, I couldn't help but fly to the store at the same moment to buy them food and feed them. By the way, since childhood, I have loved animals very much and try to help them as much as possible. I can't help but look at them and their sweet faces. And since that period I have one very important dream - to buy a house away from the city noise with a huge area and gather there absolutely all the homeless four-legged friends. That they have their own house, love, care and their own personal person. well, let one at all, but his on :)

if you have cheese, you are the lord of animals if you have cheese, you are the lord of animals

However, back to the top three. It was only necessary to try to call them and point out the delicacies, as dogs with the speed of Flash flew to my feet. And turned out that one package of food was not enough to keep them satisfied. their hypnotic gaze won and the supplement didn't take long.

After a mini-meal, two adult dogs went about their business, and here's the smallest ... You know, since that day I have a favourite phrase that I use for similar situations - "that's how I started live with Cooper." Although I honestly admit that it is unclear who started whom. It seems to me that after all, he chose a man with whom he plans to live his hairy life and therefore decided to take me to the house. And though on the way he was distracted by local cats or people, he still did not lose track of me.

Kuper First Photo Kuper First Photo

I will not say that I immediately launched it right into the house. no-no, it's been 10 minutes from the moment "no, you can't live with me, I'm sorry" to "come on". And launched it, not even me.

My mother, who interrupted my "there is such a beautiful dog ..." With the phrase that we already have a dog, and then looked out the window, where my new friend was extinguishing the yard, then just sat in front of the front door and periodically scratched them with his claws. Probably at that moment, he had something like "I took a walk, run me into the house!".

eared cute boy

So, it was she who opened the door. from the first minute, everyone had the feeling that this dog had lived here before. at least he behaved like that, because he immediately went to the kitchen, drank water from someone else's bowl and went to bed closer to the warm battery as if it were his usual business. At the same time, my second dog (dachshund Gretta) looked at this character in shock with the question "woman, what is it?".

About the period of their habituation to each other, as well as about Gretta, I will tell you a little better in one of the future posts. And then I have already written a fairly large text :)

Kuper and Gretta Kuper and Gretta

And this is Sheldon Lee Cooper, who on the first night bit the wire in the kitchen and got the nickname "electrician", this is a dog that follows you by the tail and he is all-interesting, who is a little stupid and forgets about everything in the world should just leave it to his opportunity to run away from home. He can run away, terrorize the whole area with his barking, and then return as if nothing had happened and sit at the door, as in the very first time. with the thought "Mistress, I took a walk! Run me home and let me eat."

little researcher little researcher

It is a dog that has been called the perfect dog for Instagram and the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth's corgi. He is a "good boy" of an unknown breed, who turned out to be the best friend and the smartest interlocutor. And yet, it is the most effective alarm clock in the world.

can I sleep with you? can I sleep with you?

The conclusion of this post is only one - if you can afford to have a pet, be sure to think about homeless tailed. They are no worse than thoroughbreds. trust a person who has something to compare with :)

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