Bitcoin Price next years

By MattiG | AlexCrypto | 13 Apr 2023

According to Dan Tapiero Bitcoin could reach a category and historical price during the next 10 years.

The owner of the 10T investment fund is sure that the capitalization of bitcoin could reach over 10 trillion dollars, which would lead the price of Bitcoin to oscillate between 300,000 and 500,000 usd.

Dan believes that this asset will be much more valued in the coming years by investors.

“The opinion that I have had since the founding of the fund was that the value in space, which in mid-2019 was 300,000 million, was going to multiply by 30 and reach 10 trillion. And that is why I called the first three funds, they were called 10T, which represented 10 billion,” Tapiero commented.

“And again, markets get where they need to get on their own schedule, on their own time and plan. I think $10 trillion is probably a bit conservative right now. We are at [$1.28 trillion] today and a year ago we were at [$3 trillion]. I think that in 10 years we will surpass 10 trillion dollars”.

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