25$ BTC free in just 30 days!!

By MattiG | AlexCrypto | 25 Mar 2022

Hello, I am writing to tell you about this great opportunity that you cannot miss. Some time ago I discovered the Nexo platform where you can leave your cryptocurrencies and earn daily interest doing practically nothing. Well, the situation is like this, I found out because they sold me the page offering me 25 dollars for free after a month, I didn't believe it, what were the conditions? :

25$ NEXO

-Keep at least 100 dollars on the platform for 30 days

- Have the account verified

After not believing it and doubting the reliability of nexus a bit, I decided to investigate. I found out that the page is almost 5-6 years old and that it has a great development team behind it, so I was able to confirm it on Linkedin, where I was able to find relevant information about the developers of this company.

So I managed to decide and invest my first 100 dollars in the platform, after depositing I received interest every day, I decided to do it in the cryptocurrency of the NEXO platform, in order to achieve a higher percentage of interest.

After a month, I realized that my bonus had been paid and that I had 25 dollars in bitcoin for only having 100 dollars on the platform, which also generated interest.

Here I show you:

This is my bonus that after a month became effective and available to use.



This is the bonus that came to me thanks to a friend who registered with my link and deposited 100 dollars, after 30 days the bonus will change to green like the one above and will be available to use.



I recommend you make use of this reward before it ends, since the normal and usual bonus is only 10 dollars, take advantage!

Here I leave my link for you to register and get the 25 dollar bonus after depositing 100 dollars, you will also be helping my blog.

25$ NEXO

25$ NEXO

25$ NEXO

Thanks so much por reading!!


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