My Recipe of Asian Rose Cooking Liquor as a special marinade (Mei Kwe Lu Chiew)

By alexbb9700 | Alexbb9700 | 19 Mar 2022


Today I'd like to show you how to make the special marinade wine with many healthy spices as its ingredients.


Before go details to my recipe, let me introduce a bit about this special marinade alcohol. This wine has another name "Chinese Rose Cooking Wine" or "Mei Kwe Lu Chiew" and is always used for making moon-cakes. However, this special wine enriches the taste of chicken or pork dishes. It brings 100% a beautifully-unique flavour to any marinated meat for grilling or baking.

In Lithuania, especially in tiny Siauliai city I live, it is impossible to find any special Asian marinade liquor like that. So I decided to make my own and one 01-litre bottle can be used for whole year.



  • 01 Litre of Vodka 40% - 50% or Pure Rice Liquor 50%
  • 02 tea spoon of ground coriander seed
  • 07 star anise
  • 02 medium-long sticks of cinnamon (around 4-5 cm)
  • 02 black cardamoms(medium-big size)
  • 1.5 tea spoon of peppercorn
  • 10-12 cloves of kreteks
  • 1.5 tea spoon of cumin
  • 01 empty tea bag


Put the ground coriander seed into the empty tea bag and tighten it before put in in the liquor bottle.

Then put all ingredients into the liquor bottle. If some of ingredient pieces are too big to be put inside the bottle, please smash them lightly then try to put them inside again. 😅


You need to leave this marinade 01 month before you start using

How to store: Please store this marinade bottle in a dark and cool place. Avoid the sunshine to help "this baby" maximize its effects 😝


When the liquor turns to a dark color after a month, you can use it to marinate the raw meat (chicken or pork). Next post, I will show you how I marinate my Keto frying pork with this liquor marinade and without oil.


Thank you for visiting my post and stay tuned, guys! Have a good one!

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