My favorite Saturday Beer - Blackcurrant Stout Beer of Lithuania

By alexbb9700 | Alexbb9700 | 7 Mar 2022

img_8818.jpg  alex_beer_black_currant_dark.gif


This is one of my favorite stout beers that I found in Lithuania. This blackcurrant stout beer is produced by Vilmerges Brewery with real blackcurrant and roasted malt. The alcohol is 5.5% and the weigh is 410ml.

The design of the bottle is pretty nice. The taste is a bit sweet and less bitter than regular stout but it is a strong beer with a rich aroma. I wish they can make this beer a bit bitter and it will taste perfectly with steak 😝

img_8820.jpg img_8821.jpg img_8819.jpg


You can visit their website to see all of their products: (google translate may help 😅 if you do not know Lithuanian).

Have a nice week, guys!

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