Illusion (gidromix) as it was

By Gidroman | Alexander Chernov | 23 Oct 2020

I am already in my forties and I still remember these rhythmic beats and the signature gnashing of the synthesizer sound of the popular 2003 band Benny Benassi. At that time I only dreamed of a personal computer, worked hard at the construction site and gave myself the word to buy a computer, even ahead of the time bought a CD A-ha Morten Harket / Savoy, which could be listened to only on the computer, as the format mp3 at that time played not all tape recorders.


It was 2002 all year I was looking forward to a huge event for me - buying a computer, group A-ha I just adored, and I waiting for the moment when the disc will swallow the whole CD and my ears and brains will merge in the ecstasy of listening. On New Year's Eve in December 2003, I purchased a system unit, a huge 17' lamp monitor and a music column like a tree (pine).

At the time, I didn't even think that you could not only listen to music on your computer, but also write it. My second cousin came to Lviv to go to the conservatory. I once started playing guitar as I was a child (thank you dad for teaching me the basics and chords). I and Oles (that's my brother's name) tested the program he used to create Fruity Loops 3.4.0 (FL Studio). He played the clarinet and preferred jazz or blues, I admired the Beatles, A-ha and the popular at the time Benny Benassi.


After 2 months of mastering Fruity Loops 3.4.0 in 2004, I buy a new version of Fruity Loops 4.5.2. Mastering the program was very easy and organic. I was a fan of what I do. I created compositions from samples. It was worthy of listening. I do not know notes , but genetics gave perfect hearing.

In 2004, my friends and I started to hold discos in the vicinity of Lviv (Ukraine) and near the lying villages. The technique (column rack, mixing console) we rented at the institute where I studied 1996-2001. Discos were just cool, wanting to dance and listen to foreign hits was a huge set. Village boys ordered mainly Shanson, girls Hands Up(group), the currency for such orders was vodka and snack (at that time it was necessary to be strong to hold out drunk until the morning, because if not to drink with the customer it was possible to get a ban).

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Illusion - Benny Benassi with Sandra Chambers overshadowed my mind and when I listened to it, I subconsciously moved rhythmically and wanted to dance and repeat over and over again:

"I wanna be your illusion
Be your illusion
To make you happy tonight"

My remake of Illusion (gidromix) was written in 2004, published this composition only in 2017 on

Ask why waited so long? I don't know if I'm answering, so I want you to appreciate my work!

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Alexander Chernov

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