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By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 1 Feb 2021


following the first post from this year, where I did set my financial goals for 2021 regarding this environment, I want to come back with the first monthly review and the progress done in the month that has passed.

The following goals are to be achieved till the 1st of December as I want to have them set in 11 months not 12 as December is more a planing, reviewing, budgeting and not the less a family month.




The LEO stake.

As I have more accounts with LEO on them, I've did a total of the holdings. Here the LEO stake has increased by over 400 LEO in this month, which from my point of view is a good achievement, giving in account that I've bought also a good portion of LBI.

I'm still far from my initial target, the 25k in LP that I will probably not achieve, because I need in average over 2400 LEO added each month to my stake.

The stake is not realized only by posting, but also from the delegations done to @leo.voter, which gives a good 16%/year. Also I buy some LEO on a daily basis from my HBD rewards. Also I hope that till the end of the year the earning rate shall be higher due to the incoming curation which is higher with a bigger account.




The LBI stake.

The last month has been pretty good to me as the stake has increased with over 300 LBI tokens.

I'm still sticking to my minimal 2500 LBI tokens holdings and if the issued tokens will be higher than 250k, which we have at the moment, will increase my target accordingly to hold at least 1% of the total issued tokens. If it will moon and become a big fund in value, holding 1% will help to my ultimate goal of time freedom and early retirement.

As the price has gone up today, I will try to buy LBI only from the free market to have the buying advantage on this side.




SPI token.

The big brother of LBI is SPI. Here is also a target behind where I try to get a bigger stake in. I managed to almost double the holdings amount but it is still a long road ahead for the 250 SPI token holdings. As they are only available on the market, I try to snag when there is something good available.





As said last time, Hive is and shall be a must for everyone, even if it is not the main focus for most on their journey in here.

This month I did add 600 Hive from posting to the stash. As I convert all Hive and HBD into other tokens, this road is one of the slowest.

Here I might divert the funding from projects that have been closed or achieved, which will probably happen in the months to come.




LEOM and LEOMM, the turbos for LEO.

This two are the hardest, next to LEO power to achieve, as this are very expensive at the moment. I did manage to buy some LEOM this month, but the price of LEOMM is real prohibitive and does not make sense as the ROI is much smaller than even by holding LEO and using it for curation.

Still, if the price goes lower I will buy some more.





Brought by m friend @detlev is one of the projects I like, even if it is only for fun.

The stake grows in a natural way, without buying any on the way. I have bought some breweries in DCity that add this token on the daily basis with an increased output due to the technology available.




SIM token production.

On DCity, the game brought by @gerber, I have overachieved my target of producing 5000 SIM net/day. I do have an total output of 8037 SIM net/day with the main city at 2872.

The high risk of this investment is due to the change of taxes and SIM price. I've used the low SIM price to raise my cities. At the moment I build up the 5th tech city. A lot of the income is used now to buy LEO, but still a part remains as I try to build up different cities with tech potential.




Index token.

Index was brought by the @ctp mastermind, @jongolson. It is a good concept that provides daily dividends. As I was focused on LBI this month, this project was neglected, but it will be recovered in February with an increased stake purchase.




The game targets like Splinterlands or Rising Star are not defined yet (yes, late with this) and will need more love from my side in the next weeks to come.




As there is a plan behind the targets, let's see where we are with it.

To keep track of it I did a snapshot from @hivebuzz which makes my life easy:



Which brings us to a very good month. It was one of the best months in terms of interaction, even with the last 2 weeks with less activity due to the job and personal issues. If next month comes with the same result, I can say that this target is achievable, but still with great focus on quality.







Some other targets that are planed this year, where the crossed out have been achieved.

  • Visit from Toruk
  • reach top25 of Leo monthly earners
  • reach top spot on Leo comment writers in one week (this might be reached when task goes on holiday or is hurricane season and Florida and he has no power)




Do you have targets for the next period? Do you want to share them with us?

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