Defining my Leofinance Targets for this year

By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 2 Dec 2020


Hi all,

following @leofinance post that can be read in here and so many good posts with real targets this days, I will need to make a contract with myself and put them on the chain, not that I lose sight of them.

The development of is on a real good track and the ones sticking to it, will be the big winners in the next years to come.




The target shall be for the next year and shall be monthly tract at the start of the month. Fulfillment shall be on the 1st of December 2021.




So the main focus will be on LEO and the staked value. It shall have a total value of 25000 LEO on two accounts, this one and the one I've setup for my son, @victor-alexander.
The start value is not determined as I'm in powerdown mode,to be able to buy LBI tokens in a week.
So we come to the next target,the one of LBI tokens. In one year I want to hold 2500 LBIs. That shall be the 1% of them. This would be a real passive income on the long run.
Coming to the passive income discussions. In the past I've added 5 LEOMM, not much, but this little fellows have been producing LEO on a regular basis. Here the plan is to stake them up to 100 LEOMM. Also 400 LEOM shall be added to the stake. This is a very strong target as they will be bought with liquid rewards.
This is the LEO world target.




Now going to the other coins. I have somewhere to 25k HP on the two mentioned accounts. I want to raise them to 50k within an year. This is a challenging task at the moment.
I've started playing DCity. At the moment the city produces before taxes 1703 SIM. Target is to have the investment till now (800 Hive) amortized and a production of 10000 SIM/day. For this I will run a semi-compounding strategy, by half of the SIM earnings to be reinvested in the game and the other half to be turned into other coins.
I will start to look into other tokens to build up so that in one year to build up two different other passive income streams.

I feel that this targets, even if they are hard, are reachable. Of course, not only by posting, as this can bring me to a certain level. There is also important to have orders for the right tokens on the market.

How do you see it? Do you have targets?




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