How to learn and earn crypto from Figment for fun

How to learn and earn crypto from Figment for fun

By lnakuma | akuma | 22 May 2021

Figment is a platform that teaches users to get their foot into the development of blockchain applications. Blockchain projects coordinate with Figment and provide training courses for their own blockchain. Users can also receive cryptos after they complete the entire course.



I have participated three courses so far. They are Avalanche, Polkadot, and lastly Tezos, in which I finished yesterday.

With the unstable crypto market right now, what is the better way to earn crypto other than getting them for free and learning some coding for fun?

The Tezos Pathway is fairly easy to complete. As a matter of fact, for a non-technical person, who just install necessary development tools and copy/paste code without knowing anything, he/she can still finish it within an hour.

But what’s the fun not knowing each line of code means, correct? Maybe just the nerdy side me talking…

Okay, let me start walking through the course.

The official website is Under the Learn Pathways section, we can see Tezos Pathway, along with a whole bunch of other blockchains’ courses. Since I have completed all of them, I don’t know if Polkadot Pathway or any other below that are still available for earning.


Click on Tezos Pathway, the webpage asks participators to sign up an account with Figment Datahub. There is where Figment checks the work, that has done through the course. Once a user account is created, the course sends you to, where the course works are displayed.

There are five different sections in the course. It teaches users how to connect, create account, query data, create transaction and deploy smart contract within Tezos blockchain network. All source codes are provided within each section.

Click the green “start” button to enter the section. Please make sure to click the “start” button; because everybody needs to click the verify button to get the credit.

Before start the course (and section 1 mentioned it), users need to install Node.js on their computer. I don’t think I need to explain what Node.js is; but for the non-technical people, who wants to get their hands dirty with programming, or just simply willing to get that $20 $TXZ for free:

Node.js is an environment that support running back-end JavaScript.

And all codes in the course are JavaScript.


After finishing all five sections, the “submit to earn” button will light up in green. Click to proceed.

Users will need their phone number (Google Voice does not work, I tried…) to receive code inside the pop up here. Users also need the BrightID to justify who they are; this is the most difficult part of the entire course.

To be honest, BrightID has a great concept, but to me at least, it feels like a poor execution. BrightID is a social identity network that allows people to prove themselves as real persons anonymously.

So, this is the whole step I have gone through.

  • User downloads the app from App Store/Google Play. There is no KYC, I uploaded a photo of my dog as my profile.
  • Then go to, to book a Zoom meeting, so that their “Official Staff” can check if I am a real person.
  • I went in the Zoom meeting. Official staffs put us into separated groups with around 20 persons each.
  • Every one in the group scan each other’s QR code along with at least one “Official Staff”. Now every one can be the approve of me as a real person. So I ended up with a group of Russian that are my “friends”.

I am wondering: what makes it so difficult, that I create another account, with my self to one of those meeting again, and just get another BrightID? The official staff will not remember my face, the profile picture was my dog.

Anyway, Once you get your unique BrightID, complete all steps in “Submit to Earn”. It will take about 12 hours to send you your free crypto.

To my knowledge, you cannot use an exchange address. I used my Exodus wallet.


Here, Learn Tezos blockchain and earn $20 worth of $TXZ.




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