Dogecoin and Newegg

By lnakuma | Akuma's Crypto Journey | 20 Apr 2021


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Dogecoin, a meme coin.

Newegg, one of the largest tech-focused e-retailers in United States and Canada.

What do these two have anything to do with each other? Nothing, until today. Well, yesterday, I saw the news today, “Newegg accepting Dogecoin as Payment Option”. First, my thought was “did somebody smoke something he/she didn’t know about?” since it is 4/20.

Then the official website of has confirmed it at

I do own dogecoins. However, I have never really invested too much into it because it is a meme coin. There is really not a good use case of it. Yes, Elon Musk can tweet it all day long; but by the day he stops, How many people would forget about it?

I mean there is no legitimate real-world use of this beloved meme coin besides the love of dogecoin memes. You can’t use it to reduce costs of transactions; you can’t farm with it to earn more compound interests. I don’t see how Dogecoin can maintain the momentum to keep on rising with just memes.

However, today, it has become a real currency (loosely defined here). I am a tech person who purchases parts from Newegg and Monoprice. And this real world use of Dogecoin may just give me a reason to stock more.

I have to admit that I haven’t see the implementation on Newegg yet. It still only has Credit Cards as payment method in their profile settings; and I don’t know how the tax would play out either, I am in USA, there are a lot of restrictions on cryptocurrencies here.

But I am looking forward to seeing these changes. Could you believer we can actually exchange Dogecoin with real-world product before BNB, or Nano, Tezos?

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