Not tough yet - The Navy SEAL 40%rule.

By Ajorundon | Ajorundon | 4 Sep 2019

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 The Navy SEAL 40% rule states,
 When your mind says you're done, you're only 40% done.

 The mind measures its toughness and strength but  with flawed results. How we interpret a situation, our belief and level of tolerance are instrumental to the flaws.

 Meditative or mental toughness has great impact on body psychology and human productivity.

 Toughness deals with how much one can absorb, how far one can go and such. As the mind has an influence on this and as it can push itself to beat the 40% rule, greater achievements await.

 Tips for 40% rule mindset

 One could start by enjoying the process than focusing on the outcome. Tolerate the situation in the best of attitudes possible. What matters than the outcome is that you tried your best. Failing is ok and not trying it at all? Can't compare!

 Set achievable milestones. Breakdown projects into bits and start  concentrating and increasing strength levels. What are you so good at? Start from there.

 Choose to do it anyways.

 Keep at doing it. Do it every day. Do not go passive on yourself as we know that you may have just been operating on a 40% level of your capacity.

 Do not avoid training where you need it. Train to increase strength.

 Now a reward could be set at the end of achieving any milestone.

 Almost 60% more could do magic!

 Thank you


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