Change ; change happens but you can make it a conscious move.

By Ajorundon | Ajorundon | 3 Sep 2019

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The word change, no matter the context of use, it still represents a difference. So, a difference in an event means a change in such event. Correct? Yes.

Change from within and without have their results.

Conscious change is meaningful, helpful, impactful and deliberate with a goal in mind.

Making a conscious move for a change is to contribute in the change process.

Conscious change is for personal development. It leads to self awakening and it is a change with a goal.

Man continues to seek the meaning of life and at a point, he will begin to search for it. So, making it a conscious effort leads to a lot of changes.

Change is inevitable. It happens unconsciously but it will not be it's best unless it happened due to conscious efforts.


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