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Traced the Internet revolutionary history, during the new and old era alternating process, often accompanied by the handover of new and old leaders. Metaverse, as the highest-level form of the Internet, the scientific and technological giants must have a war in the advantages of voice and industrial chain.

A line from Ready Player One -- "It is a war to control the future" -- perfectly captures the endgame. Actively or passively, tech companies will not stop until the end of this war for the future.

On October 29, 2021, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at the Connect conference that the company will launch a new name, Meta, and announce that the company is fully committed to building a Metaverse platform. Meta is the prefix of MetaVerse, which means everything.

The Connect Conference was originally an annual developer conference of the Oculus platform of Facebook, but the focus of this conference is undoubtedly a topic speech of Zuckerberg.


Zachberg said in the subject presentation:

 We are a company that builds technology connectors;

 Work together, we will eventually put people in the center of technology, start a more vast creator economy;

 Rename Meta is to reflect our positioning and the platform we want to build;

 Our brand is so tightly linked to one product that it can't possibly represent everything that we're doing today, let alone in the future. Over time, I hope that we are seen as a Metaverse company.


In his keynote speech, Zuckerberg promised to build a human-centered, more responsible Metaverse, a platform that integrates online environments, virtual reality and augmented reality. The Metaverse will be the social platform of the future and the successor to the mobile Internet.


Before the Connect conference, users were driven by Facebook's campus and noticed that the iconic Facebook Logo had been quietly replaced with a Metaverse Logo. Not only did the company change its name, but Facebook's stock ticker symbol also changed from FB to MVRS (a Metaverse shorthand). Facebook also acquired the website and the @meta Twitter account.


In an interview in July this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly stated that Facebook would effectively transform itself into a Metaverse company. In the interview, Zuckerberg discussed his vision for the future of the Metaverse and the role Facebook might play in it. He said Facebook would try to bring the ultimate connected experience from science fiction to the real world. In short, they would build a world called the Metaverse. According to the Information, Facebook employed more than 50,000 people in early 2021, with about 17% working on its AR/VR team, up from 5% in 2017.


Back in 2019, Facebook launched Libra, a cryptocurrency that it hoped would turn the world upside down. According to the white paper, Libra's mission is to build a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure to serve billions of people. It will be administered by the "Libra Association" to address inequality in financial resources, practice financial inclusion and give more people access to financial services and cheap capital.


But Libra has come under intense pressure from regulators around the world. Libra, which was silenced for more than a year for fear of damaging sovereign currencies and leading to widespread money laundering, finally caved in. Libra went from being a basket of currencies to a stable currency pegged one-to-one to the DOLLAR and renamed "Diem".


Facebook has launched an experimental cryptocurrency wallet service, Novi, and selected Coinbase as a host partner for its pilot project. However, the project has run into political opposition in the US. Several members of the U.S. Senate have called on Facebook to stop the project. The biggest difference from previous Project Libra white papers is that This time Facebook has decided to act directly. According to Novi's website, it currently supports the use of USDP (Pax Dollar) for remittance and receipt in Guatemala and most STATES of the United States. One USDP is equal to one US Dollar. The use of Novi in most states of the United States means that Novi is registered as a money services enterprise (MSB) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and has a local remittance license.


The spiritual core of freedom, equality and openness represented by decentralization was once the common pursuit of human beings, but the division of countries and regions made this original consensus of human beings fragmented. The Metaverse that breaks down geographic segmentation will once again welcome the decentralized consensus that has already been tapped into the fastest-growing blockchain gaming space.


The only constant in this world is changing. Technology changed the way the world works, and even changed the world "this definition, yuan the outbreak of the universe to let people see a new world of possibilities: regional completely break means that information, knowledge, culture and so on human civilization can be one hundred times the efficiency of the free exchange, which is brought by the human society in the form of organizational change. Libra failed to make a big splash, but Zuckerberg's determination to disrupt the world remains unchanged. By turning to the "Metaverse" and ushering in the next generation of the Internet, Zuckerberg is already getting a glimpse of what an economic and monetary system in a virtual world might look like with Libra. In line with the industry consensus, Zuckerberg sees the Metaverse not being created by one company, but by creators and developers working together to create interoperable new experiences and digital projects, and unlock a creative economy larger than today's platforms and their policy-constrained economies. For the foreseeable future, a decentralized cryptocurrency is bound to be the universal currency of the Metaverse, not the sovereign currency of any one country.


Since it is to build a world, it is indispensable to participate in the operation of money. Which currency to use in the Metaverse is a controversial issue. Therefore, whoever can truly solve the decentralization of control and economic power of the metasomes will become the currency of the Metaverse.


AIverse is working to solve this core issue at six levels:


A. Infinite integration of edge computing nodes

Through the integration of edge nodes to achieve more decentralized node architecture compared to Ethereum, eliminate the centralized governance of the Metaverse and ensure the permanent preservation of NFT assets, fully realize decentralization.


B. H.T.T.S value circulation closed loop

Economic models are more important to the meta-universe than money is to the real world. They determine the fairness and value basis of the new digital social order. Guided by the principle of fairness and inclusiveness, AIverse has created the economic loop of H.T.T.S:


[Hardware]: focuses on AI computing Hardware nodes

[Trible Token] : 3 types of native tokens (AIV, AIGO, iUSD)

[SWAP]: Single currency market-making SWAP protocol with CBMM balance mechanism

H.T.T.S is an effective innovation of integrating decentralized finance into mining consensus, which will promote the spiral rise of AIV ecological value.


C. General programming + One-click issue chain + Ecological fund

General-purpose programming: 

AIVerse is the first blockchain technology capable of using standard programming languages, supporting a distributed ledger platform for smart contracts written in general-purpose programming languages (e.g. Java, Go, etc.) rather than restricted Domain-specific Languages (DSL). The compatibility of standard programming languages reduces the cost of ecological project development, enables enterprises, organizations and teams outside the blockchain to develop smart contracts quickly and accelerate ecological integration.


One-click issue chain:

AIVerse provides technical support for modularized configuration of One-click issue chain, and the degree of freedom of configuration reaches the depth of establishing PBFT, POW, POS and other consensus mechanisms, which can form independent parallel chains with the main chain to form a Metaverse interactive alliance. And AIVerse's highly modular and configurable architecture (infinitely scalable channels, known as subchains, and extremely scalable subchains) provides innovation, versatility and optimization for a wide range of industry use cases, including Metaverse, banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, human resources, supply chains and even digital music delivery.


Ecological Fund: 

AIverse Foundation is the initiation, development, operational entity of AIverse, while incubation and investment in Yuancai ecological projects. AIverse is committed to the depth of the Metaverse, the AI and the blockchain, and the AIV Foundation will carry out a joint investment with excellent blockchain and Internet investment institutions, constantly incubate high-quality teams and projects in these three fields, and share the realized value of ecological investment among the whole chain nodes.


D. NFT Universal application protocol for low GAS charges

Universal NFT protocol and one-click NFT asset interface for low Gas charges accelerate NFT of all things assets. Currently, the Gas cost of issuing an NFT asset on Ethereum can be as high as tens or even hundreds of dollars. AIVERSE's NFT asset issuance service can reduce the cost hundreds of times, which is the technical basis for normalizing and popularizing the Metaverse NFT. In addition, with the open-world application of Beyond Me and Outerverse, the next-generation 3D display and complex interaction of NFT assets can be realized, and the level of digital art collection and viewing can be improved qualitatively.


E. Open World and Digital Idol Engine revenue dividends

In the AIV ecosystem, we can enjoy benefits such as open-world application consumption, NFT transactions, future AI big data, and strategic transactions.


F. Computational power commercial income dividend and token destruction

AIverse adopts the PORW+POS mechanism, through the mining form of general hardware energy-saving computing +AIV pledge mining and intelligent contract market-making mining, to ensure that in the non-commercial phase of computing power, the calculation power will be exported to all ecological applications with low energy consumption and energy-saving. Miners in ecology can enjoy the economic dividends of AI computing power commercialization and IP operation dividends of AIV Metaverse spokesperson, and share the realization value of the overall ecological development of the ecological fund. In addition, the AIV of full chain computing power lease and open-world payment will be allocated to miners in the future, and the destruction mechanism will be determined through DAO governance.


The US dollar is the currency of the real world, bitcoin is the currency of the blockchain, and AIV series of native tokens are committed to becoming the universal cryptocurrency of the Metaverse. Through the above six aspects, AIverse will promote the unification and universality of the Metaverse governance token and stable currency, and connect the ecological economy of all parallel universes.



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