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By AirdropsMarket | AirdropsMarket | 9 Aug 2020

Ecoin is the world’s fastest-growing Cryptocurrency powered by world’s first ‘AI driven email-based proxy identity engine’ which aims to launch the world’s biggest airdrop.

Ecoin is an ‘email-based proxy Identity platform’ that rewards only one email per user, they achieve this using their advanced AI engine, which ensures that one person can’t claim free tokens more than once.

As they use email for rewarding users, Ecoin will have the easiest onboarding mechanism for average users which greatly reduces the barrier for crypto adoption. Along with this, they have a simple yet powerful referral mechanism which ensures ‘Ecoin to be the first cryptocurrency to onboard billion users’.

Ecoin gained more than 2 million users in the first 30 days and is in TOP 3500 ranking on Alexa.



What gives value to the Ecoin tokens in the future?

The answer is ‘YOU’ – yes it’s you, your friends and their friends and eventually billions of users. It’s the network of users that gives value to any payment network, so as they grow to millions of users, Ecoin value will skyrocket. There are many reasons why Ecoin will be very valuable soon.

The first and foremost is this, Ecoin makes user onboarding extremely easy. Anyone with an email can simply sign up, earn and use cryptocurrency for the first time, which essentially opens the floodgates for mass adoption.Most online businesses today are reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ( even though cryptocurrencies have enormous benefits for businesses ) because only 1% of their user base uses bitcoin at the best. With Ecoin however, anyone with an email can be served by online businesses. Multi billion-dollar businesses like e-commerce, e-sports, online casinos, sport betting sites etc can serve anyone in the globe instantly. Finally, there are two more big reasons.

Network effect – As more people sign up, the value of Ecoin rises more. The more valuable ecoin is, more people will sign up.

Endowment effect – People value cryptos they hold much more than the ones they don’t. For crypto you hold, you will probably be worried about its price and will make sure the price keeps rising by supporting it in every way possible.

Why is Ecoin growth unstoppable?

Once Ecoin crosses 100 million users, it’s practically impossible to stop Ecoin’ growth. The distribution model of Ecoin is really really unique. Before Ecoin, came along, one person with more resources (hardware or money) etc would end up accumulating a ton of crypto creating huge concentration. With ecoin however, that’s simply impossible, the only way to acquire new currency is to invite others which distributes the currency far and wide.

This unique distribution model also gives ecoin its greatest advantage – the lowest cost per user acquisition in the crypto industry. While coins like Stellar spend approximately $40 for acquiring one user, ecoin can do it at $1 or less, which implies ecoin distribution model is at least 40x more efficient.

Reach is the most important metric of a crypto’s value, the larger the network the more valuable the network is. As more people join the network, the value of ecoin rises higher and as the value of ecoin goes higher more people join, this becomes a powerful cycle that can grow to billion-plus users in very little time.


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