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Kucoin Referral Program - Get up to 1000 USDT !

By AirdropsMarket | AirdropsMarket | 10 Dec 2021

KuCoin Referral Program is a return to all loyal users who also recommend KuCoin to others.

The program aims to provide an easier referral system where users can earn stars through referrals, and stars can be exchanged for prizes. KuCoin Referral Program launched its open beta testing on November 25, with 10 prizes waiting for you to unlock.

Meanwhile, for users who are promoting KuCoin and inviting friends during the upgrade of the program, they prepare a large event in December to show gratitude.

2. Rules of Referral Program

Users can invite friends to sign up and trade on KuCoin and therefore earn stars as rewards. Invited friends will receive a VIP trial valid for one month. Users will also get stars if the friends invited complete tasks. Details are as follows:

How to Get Stars:

How to Exchange for Prizes

There are 10 levels of prizes, each level can be unlocked for once. Users can choose the prize to unlock without obeying the sequence. The higher the prize level, the better the prize. The highest level of the prize worth 1,000 USDT.


Get up to 1000 USDT - Step by Step

  • Create an account on Kucoin.
  • You will receive 3 stars, which you can exchange for extra prizes.
  • Also, you can receive stars for various tasks such as: Deposit / Transfer> USD 100, Spot Trading Volume USD 50, Futures Trading Volume> USD 100, Advanced KYC, etc.
  • You can redeem Stars for prizes in Kucoin app. Applications are available for Android and IoS.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!

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