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HandyPick - Get 130 HANDY ($2) INSTANTLY - Airdrex

By AirdropsMarket | AirdropsMarket | 24 Jan 2021

Handy is a fun and exciting prediction game platform that anyone can enjoy. It provides various game contents and plans to add more contents such as predicting stock price, e-sports and sports matches.
Handy’s primary goal is to provide content that users who already have interests in virtual assets can enjoy. We additionally aim to draw other users who are not yet interested in virtual assets to be our potential users by utilizing popular content. Through Handy’s contents, users can enjoy the prediction game, and they can have Handy Tokens as rewards if they become winners.

People use Handy platform to enjoy both content and prediction games. Through the users’ participation, the platform is invigorated, and it can be a spot where advertisements can be exposed. Advertisers and firms can purchase Handy Tokens on exchanges and use them for purchasing advertising slots of the platform.

Handy connects data of CoinMarketCap with its platform and provides prediction games based on the data. User participation, winner selection, and reward distribution are recorded on the blockchain in real-time, increasing the platform’s transparency. Since virtual assets are traded 24 hours globally, we can provide our service anytime, anywhere. The prediction game, reward, and advertisement’s request and exposure are executed automatically through smart contracts.

The credibility of smart contracts and transparency of blockchain builds a credible reward system, and it will constantly attract new users. Handy platform will contribute to increasing interests of users in the virtual asset.

HandyPick Airdrop - Step-by-step

  • Download HandyPick App and create and account.
  • To receive reward you must submit this code – A4NTWB .
  • You will receive 130 HANDY tokens ($2).
  • Share your referral link and get 30 HANDY tokens for every valid referral.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!

Note: HANDY is listed on Coinmarketcap and tradable on Coinone.

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