VeryHash Bounty

VeryHash Bounty

By Airdrops Univers | Airdrops Official | 13 Jun 2019

➤ Token per claim : Pool 3000 TH/s
➤ Total value : $N/A
➤ Airdrop link : Go to airdrop

VeryHash is a fast-growing hashpower provider for bitcoin with very profitable cloud mining offer

🔷Step-by-Step Guide :

➤ Register with your detail
    ➤ Submit your Email
    ➤ Click "Send Code"
    ➤ Submit code Verification
➤ Login to your account
    ➤ Click "Security"
    ➤ Click "Send Code"
    ➤ Submit your password
    ➤ Click "Set Password"
➤ Click "Bounty"
    ➤ Follow Twitter
    ➤ Follow Telegram group
    ➤ Follow Telegram channel

Don't forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to receive new airdrops!


🔷 Note :

➤ hashrate reward = 1000T * points percentage of total points of this bounty

🔷 Overview :

➤ Website :
➤ Telegram group : @VeryHash
➤ Telegram channel : @VeryHash Announcement
➤ Twitter : @VeryHash

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