Money Token Airdrop worth 50$ only one million total supply !

Money Token Airdrop worth 50$ only one million total supply !

By OneHashCoin | AirdropHunters | 14 Apr 2020


Today I want to present new airdrop of Money Token that is worth 50$

Lets say a few words about that project :

MONEY TOKEN is an ERC20 Ethereum based Token that will be used as a currency in the case of transactions such as arbitrage

between exchanges, and is also used for major cryptocurrency transactions.

Here You can see it on etherscan :

Its only 1 Million total supply be quick !!

The task needs to be done for claim airdrop:

1. Go to telegram bot :

2. Join official Telegram Group

3. Join on Telegram Channel

4.Follow Money Token on Twitter and Retweet their pinned post & tag 3 friends and comment on project.

5. Remember to Invite Minimum 4 Friends to get qualified for withdraw.


That is all I think That project have a big future created by usecase and supply.





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