Terra Credit (CREDIT) - Secure Crypto Exchange, Fiat to Crypto in 5 African countries & Colombia.

By FreedomBuilder | airdropcrypto | 14 Jul 2020


🎁 Total Reward: Receive up to 11 CREDIT ≈ $11 and 1.5 CREDIT for each Referral.

📈 Create an account on Terra Credit Website.
👉 Referral code: 282796oJWEcEt

✅ Start the Terra Credit Airdrop Bot.

🔶 Airdrop Task:
☑️ Follow their Telegram group and channel. (Mandatory: 2 CREDIT)
☑️ Create an account on their website or Android App. (Mandatory: 2.5 CREDIT)
☑️ Follow their Twitter and retweet the pinned post. (Mandatory: 2 CREDIT)
☑️ Follow their Facebook. (Optional: 1.75 CREDIT)
☑️ Complete other optional tasks on the bot Up to 2.75 CREDIT.

🌀 Submit your details to the airdrop bot with your Email address that you have used when registering an account.

💸 Distribution: The Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your Terrabit account after the 31th August, 2020

🔴 Note: Airdrop limited to the 4.000 participants.

➕ Additional Information:
📌 Terrabit is a transparent, sustainable and secure crypto Exchange, with fiat to crypto in five African countries & Colombia.
📌 TerraCredit will carry out a token swap on the 1st of August, 2020. The exchange listing price of 1 new CREDIT token will be equal to $1.


⚠️ NOTE: I am not a financial adviser. I am not on the company team. Please Do your own research.


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