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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

🏦 Phemex Derivative & Spot Exchange || Learn & Earn Program 💸 Get Paid $10 Reward

By FreedomBuilder | airdropcrypto | 4 Dec 2021


🎁 Total reward: Learn & Earn program you will find it on "Learn" Tab.
✅ Reward: Take the quiz to earn $10 in crypto.
🔴 NOTE: Rewards are not available for sub-accounts. Please make sure you log in with your main account.

📈 Create an account on Phemex with your Email & Complete easy KYC only Front & Back Id & Selfie without holding any paper.
🔴 Note: The KYC identity verification is instant, don't need to wait to be verified!

  • My invitation code: BAR9K

✨ Quiz — How to Buy or Transfer Crypto on Phemex?
☑️ For each lesson there is a 3 videos & a quiz with few questions. Upon answering correctly you will be rewarded 2$ for each lesson. You can find the answers below!

🌀 Lesson 1: Credit Cards - $2 USD

📌 Question 1: Does Phemex offer any options to purchase crypto with credit cards?
✨ Answer 1: A. Yes
📌 Question 2: On the Buy Crypto page, what cryptocurrency is set by default?
✨ Answer 2: C. BTC (bitcoin)
📌 Question 3: Which one of the following payment channels is NOT supported by Phemex?
✨ Answer 3: D. CoolCrypto

🌀 Lesson 2: OTC/Bank Transfer - Activate Account - $2 USD

📌 Question 1: What does OTC stand for?
✨ Answer 1: A. Over-the-counter
📌 Question 2: What does our OTC service allow you to do?
✨ Answer 2: B. Purchase crypto with US Dollar bank/wire transfer
📌 Question 3: Which header option must you click first to find our OTC trading page?
✨ Answer 3: D. Buy crypto
📌 Question 4: Can you use our OTC services without activating your account first?
Answer 4: B. No
📌 Question 5: During the activation process, individuals must select the option labeled:
✨ Answer 5: B. Individual

🌀 Lesson 3: OTC/Bank Transfer - Deposit Money - $2 USD

📌 Question 1: Once your OTC account is enabled, you will see a BALANCE MODULE on the OTC trading page
📌 Question 2: With your OTC trading account activated, the next step is to:
✨ Answer 2: B. Deposit
📌 Question 3: Look at the deposit instruction page below and type in the correct reference code that would need to be added to transfer as a note. __________
✨ Answer 3: NAEIQWH
📌 Question 4: Once your deposit is successful, you will see your fiat balance on the:
✨ Answer 4: D. OTC trading page

🌀 Lesson 4: OTC/Bank Transfer - Purchase Crypto - $2 USD

📌 Question 1: With your OTC account enabled and a fiat balance available, you're ready to:
✨ Answer 1: C. Purchase some crypto
📌 Question 2: Based on the image below, how much time would you have left to click on the Buy button before the time expires, and you would have to request a new quote?
✨ Answer 2: 11 seconds
📌 Question 3: Based on the image below, how much LTC (Litecoin) did this account purchase?
✨ Answer 3: 3.14366319

🌀 Lesson 5: Transfer Existing Crypto Into Phemex - $2 USD

📌 Question 1: If you wanted to transfer crypto to your Phemex wallet, which button would you click first?
✨ Answer 1: A. Deposit Button
📌 Question 2: On the deposit page, what's the crypto selected by default?
Answer 2: B. BTC (bitcoin)
📌 Question 3: Hovering your mouse over the show QR code option will:
✨ Answer 3: D. Display your wallet QR code
📌 Question 4: If your deposit / transfer was successful, where can you see your updated crypto balance?
✨ Answer 4: A. The assets page

📈 Create an account on Phemex & start trading with your USD rewards.

  • My invitation code: BAR9K

🔶If you don't joined the first learn & earn on Phemex, you can find the answers on the link below.




🔴 Please remember that all airdrops should be free, and you don't need to pay any penny. Just submit and wait patiently.


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