Bogor also has a Gold mining area

By syarrf | agrocrypto | 9 May 2019

Mount Salak Not only Volcanoes, Millions of treasures are stored in the Stomach of Mount Salak ... One of them is Pongkor.

The Pongkor area in the Mount Halimun-Salak National Park area, Bogor Regency, West Java became a 'legend' where gold mining in Java. This area has since become a witness for decades ago with the proliferation of illegal gold mining, until many victims fell.

The term Gurandil is given to illegal gold miners in Pongkor. Somehow given the name Gurandil. The location of Mount Pongkor has been regulated through Joint Operations by PT.Antam in collaboration with the Regional Government and the security apparatus on 19 September 2015 and has been given training on profession transfer as well as ex gurandil will be considered through CSR funds.

Gurandil's fate is like the fate of traders who are around the wild excavation of Mount Pongkor forced to reduce activity, and possibly out of business. But lately the Golden Sparkle charm has always tempted Gurandil, always coming no matter the location of the mine, the difficulty of the road and also a ban on mining at this Pongkor location.

The way to mine the gold of the gurandil is also very risky. If Antam builds a tunnel at the base of the foot of the mountain inward, the gurandils dig a hole from the hills into the ground, and then dig the mountain's stomach following the land believed to be a vein of gold.

gurandil only armed with simple tools such as crowbar, hammer, sculptures, and candles as lights. Once in the hole, the gurandil can spend days in the hole he made.

Gurandil generally mines outside the concession area owned by Antam, and is located above the hills inside the national park area. Some tunnels made by gurandil also often penetrate tunnels made by Antam.

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