Not Too Late To Make Money This Bull Market!

There's still plenty of time! For everyone that thinks that the price of Bitcoin and alts is too expensive, there's still plenty more growth to come!

I get that we're many months into our bull market and seemingly every coin out there has already mooned. Bitcoin is up more than 100% already this year, ETH more than 300%, and many alts have seen similar gains.

From someone who's been through a full bull and bear market before, this bull run is NOT done and definitely has more legs to come.


I'm seeing on an almost daily basis people saying they think it's too late to buy coins.

I made a 9% gain on a single BNB trade yesterday, if the bull run was over we would not be seeing these types of gains in under 24 hours. The markets are hot hot hot and there's no signs of slowing down.

Are You Being Manipulated?

If you see clickbait headlines from YouTuber's talking about THIS IS THE END understand that they are manipulating you through fear in order to get clicks and views, and unfortunately this tactic works, it's an exploit in your programming.

If someone you're following for information regularly puts out scare tactic headlines then I highly suggest you unsubscribe!

Institutions Aren't Done Piling In

This bull market is markedly different in many ways versus 2017 and one of those ways is that this time institutions are filling their bags and they aren't done.

They do this strategically, gradually over time taking advantage of market swings buy up dips.

The last couple corrections have shot back up so damn quickly it's insane, and my bet is that's because smart money is buying the dips. When coins crash 20-30% this the discount they're looking for. Smart money doesn't fomo into their positions, they're sharks on the sidelines waiting for the calculated opportunities.

Institutions aren't even close to done buying, and how do I know this? Because the united states doesn't even have 1 BTC ETF trading on the NYSE.

These products are becoming available gradually in other countries around the world and it's just a matter of time in my opinion before the US regulates this type of security. For all of the ETF and crypto funds being assembled there will need to be a large amount of coins held in custody.

There are many many many financial products to come that will all require the backing institution to acquire vast amounts of crypto, and not just BTC and ETH, but many of the top 100 alts as well.


DeFi is Making People Money Left Right and Centre

DeFi coins will continue to play a key part of the current bull run and continue to provide value indefinitely into the future.

Staking coins are here to stay but it's still early. There will be more and more coins with unique value propositions provided through the ability to stake the coin.

DeFi products and protocols all require massive amounts of liquidity now and always.

This is a completely new decentralized financial system being build from the ground floor up and you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to the liquidity required to back this financial ecosystem.

Because DeFi coins require staking into LP's there will seemingly always be a very large portion of these coins that will never be available on exchanges.

For this reason alone these coins will continue to be in what I can only describe as a price discovery mode for a many many moons to come. The worlds is gradually waking up to DeFi and the best is yet to come!

NFT's Are Hotter Than Ever

NFT's and the coins that support their exchange and their platforms will continue to perform well into the future as the ownership revolution takes place.

People for the first time in their lives are experiencing true digital asset ownership with collectibles. The use case of digital collectible cards is just a crude beginning if you will. Eventually every single piece of digital data including in-game items, cards, music, video, and media will be owned and organized through blockchain technology.

This technological revolution is in it's infancy and has the publics attention now in this bull run. Retail and institutional money is looking to acquire these coins early and as the segment continues to garner main stream eyeballs their coins are going to continue to perform well.

The NFT market cap (top 100) is only $30B, that's ridiculously low! I don't have a crystal ball but my bet is this number doubles this bull run, that could be you enjoying the gains.

$USD Money Supply Vastly Increased

While all of this is taking place the world is dealing with a pandemic and many governments that are hell bent and determined to create mass unemployment and vastly increase the money supply.

The USD money supply increased by 25% just last year. Inflation is to follow and people know it, and investors know that they can help hedge against inflation through crypto.

The pandemic isn't a one year deal, this baby is going to be 5 years of shut downs and money printing, and who knows what the elites do with this opportunity. This all says to me you want to hold assets now more than ever, own land, own crypto, own metals, start a business that leverages your skills and strengths.

Inflation is not going anywhere soon and retail and institutional investors will continue to use crypto to help hedge, all of this contributing to and driving the next legs of this bull market.

Still Think There's Not Time?


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