Sometimes I Wonder



Sometimes I wonder why I even care?

Most of the time I feel like I am, talking to air!

People want change but conscious revolutionary risk they, do not dare.


They rather talk about sports. They rather talk about the weather. They rather, entertain…instead of, come together!

Unless it is to support their team.

Sometimes I just want to scream! Wake up from this Korporate dream!

Then I would be considered crazy, in a land that is ran by, Real Crazies!


I wish these things did not faze me, but they do!

Wrote this nearly 20 years ago yet even in 2020 most still have no clue!

THEY remain more concerned about the flue and mental doo-doo than the realization of something meaningful and True!

Under the SUN, there is nothing new!


So…currently, I AM, trapped on, planet zoo! Wondering what is next, wondering what to do?


Until the birth of death rebirths into, something that seems new!








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Age Of The Faraday Cage

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