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Minds CENSORSHIP - OVERSOUL Account Banned! The New Google Thought Police - Cause And Effect


MINDS was suppose to be a place where free speech and fairness rules! Apparently only APPROVED free speech is the type of expression THEY desire on their platform. There is also suppose to be some type of “jury system” where THEY hear your case then make a decision. This did not happen to me. THEY just banned me without any type of communication. THEY did not even give me the opportunity to defend myself nor provide any "evidence" that I violated Terms Of Service. Same strategy the morally bankrupt sell out psychopaths at Google use as well. Finding (Terms of Service) really means TERMS OF SURRENDER. Even if you do not violate TOS THEY can still remove you with little to no accountability. 


This does not surprise me because I had prior issues with them deleting some of my controversial poetry and material. THEY never apologized for their censorship and now banned my account because THEY did not like some of my posts and memes. This is what “behind the back cowards” do though because THEY lack the courage to even have a simple dialog to work things out. Many are just following orders and do what THEY are told even if it is wrong action. How “embarrassing” it must be to "claim free speech" and fairness then do the opposite! Many people can live with themselves apparently even when THEY do things that harm others. I love when people show their True colors though so I know who to not support and speak out against. is one of these platforms not worthy of honor, respect nor support. Anyone who does the opposite of what THEY claim moral and True is not worthy of support in any way, shape or form. MINDS is the next YOUTUBE and GOOGLE!

All MINDS did by banning my account was actually increase ignorance and slavery through “censoring” True voices of Freedom. Any society that limits or censors any expression is increasing ignorance, slavery and harm. MINDS just like GOOGLE wants you to remain ignorant and a good little slave! THEY actually violated their own “code of conduct” and in so doing increased suffering. True Jaggoffs that will be experiencing the “Harmful Effects” of their "own Causes" soon. Censorship is an attack! It is an attack on free speech and Freedom. THEY obviously do not understand how Natural Law works, particularly the Law Of Cause and Effect. Whoever made that decision is in for some "intense" reflections, pain and suffering. I have little sympathy for what is about to unfold in their lives. There are major consequences to such actions THEY are about to learn the very hard way.


I am a True fair and reasonable person willing to have a dialog and work things out. Korporate psychopaths are not though, thus remain bound to “self harm” through bad choices and corrupt poLIEcy/TOS. If THEY come across this and want to work something out I am willing to do so. If you are someone who values "True" Free Speech I would greatly appreciate you sharing this message on MINDS and other platforms. Contact MINDS and express your concerns, write blogs and make videos yourself about it, spread the word. It is vital right now because if THEY can do this to me THEY can do it to you. There is no such thing as freedom without the full right of freedom of expression. Censorship in any form is a “violation” of our Constitutional rights and a True crime against humanity. Particularly when you have to lie and make things up to justify your actions. If I violated any TOS then provide the evidence for it, put me through your jury system and allow me to defend myself. If THEY are Korporate psychopaths this will not happen. If THEY are as THEY claim then right action will occur.


The bottom line in regards to censorship is, change the channel. If you do not like what someone is saying change the channel. It is real simple. We do not need an army of “cowardly Nazi censorship trolls” to keep people safe from offensive Truths. That just enhances the problem. When we censor others we are ultimately censoring ourselves. Many suffering from “mental atrophy” do not seem to be able to understand this most basic Truth. Many get offended and instead of changing the channel report your content to the digital Nazi thought police. A true cowardly act! 

We are living in a time in which we must stick together and help one another. We will not be able to free ourselves from "Nazi censorship" nor modern day slavery if we do not work together. All of my work is an attempt to educate people; end slavery and suffering. Those who live in LIE do not value such work and will stoop to very low levels of existence to stop it. THEY lack self love and self respect so can easily be manipulated. THEY value "debt notes and masters" over True freedom. THEY ultimately value their "own slavery" over Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, Freedom and Love. What a sad state of existence...



It appears, THEY have lost theirs MINDS...

We have to ask the question. What type of person would inspire to emulate known morally bankrupt, clinically insane, untrustworthy Korporate psychopaths like GOOGLE? The answer is simple, a “lower level” psychopath! Only the deranged inspire to be like other deranged people. 

I am actually a bit honored to be banned from a fake, plastic, synthetic platform that claims free speech yet censors speech. It proves I was doing great work, so thank you MINDS:) Let me break it down real simple for those suffering from mental atrophy and struggling to understand simple Truths. “Selected” free speech is not free speech! True free speech is the allowance of ALL speech whether you like it or not. Call your platform what it really is, a “selected speech” platform. One incapable of even honoring its own rules. THEY have “no honor” thus act as such. 

The reason THEY did not allow me to go through the jury system is because THEY have no evidence I spammed anyone as “falsely” claimed. How do I know THEY have no evidence? Because I know I did not spam anyone. A True psychopath will ignore and avoid any type of dialog that proves them wrong and guilty. This is why THEY will ignore the message I sent them and hope people do not figure out their scam. This guy actually had the nerve to use the word “betray” as he “betrays” the very same free speech “he willfully allows to be censored. This is how people who have “no self love nor respect” ultimately behave like. TOOLS of self destruction...


2c2b469f8e4bba508bccc2471a4caa24491f66c3828928dff412f06d53bd79bf.pngIf those principle were True and THEY had honor, I would have been allowed the opportunity to defend myself. I would not have been deleted and censored because THEY do not have the evidence I violated TOS/PoLIEcy. I wrote this in April of 2020 and have not received a return email nor the chance to prove my innocents. Now MINDS is under attack from Google.

Interesting to hear Bill Ottman have the nerve to complain about censorship as "he still allows censorship" on his platform. He has deleted and censored many on his platform and is now experiencing the same. Cause and Effect is in full Effect. What we do to others indeed comes back to us. We indeed reap what we sow. Those who are wise will abandon ship from MINDS. Before doing so let MINDS know why.


The above picture was taken from MINDS. Too bad THEY are unable to live by principles THEY claim are vital. 


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