Gifts Of Annihilation - Lesson From Native American Genocide

THEY came bearing gifts of annihilation!

Rewriting something censored on my account that was removed when my account was deleted by them. Will surrender it to “Cause and Effect” to handle the censorship and all those violating expression. For those running from their own shadow unable to realize THEY cannot escape, until it is nearly too late. Pain and suffering is the only teacher for these types. THEY do not care that you lose your work when deleted and censored. I am rewriting it because I feel this data is vital at the moment.



As many of you already know, Operation Warp Speed is upon us. The largest effort in history to get people alleged help that will Cause much more harm than good. Interesting hearing Trump admit that the “solution should cause less harm than the problem” yet he supports vaccines. A “unavoidably unsafe” product with a proven history of mostly failure. From a Korporation that has proven itself untrustworthy. Trusting Phizer is like giving Freddy Kruger permission to enter your dreams. It is like trusting Jeffrey Epstein with your children yet Trump seems to beLIEve otherwise. Some people right now beLIEve the vaccine is another one of his 7D chess moves. Like the hooker that beLIEves her pimp is their for her benefit while he beats and steals from her. She does all the work, the pimp gets most of the reward. We are once again being pimped by one of the greatest con artist of our time. Perhaps in all history.


When you finally understand that the same mind set responsible for the Native American Genocide are still making decisions for us, things begin to make more sense. I wonder how many people even know about this part of American history and can make the connection from then to now. The “extermination of undesirables” has been with us for a very long time repeated through history in various forms. What was done in America makes Hitler look like an amateur. The disabled, mentally ill, and non-conformist are considered undesirable to tyrants. If THEY cannot control or use you for their sick plans THEY seek to eliminate you. This is exactly what happened in America with the Native Americans and in Nazi Germany among many other places. Imagine how sick someone has to be to give children blankets with smallpox on them. Does one truly beLIEve THEY would not do something similar with vaccines? THEY have already been doing it for years now paying out hundreds of millions in compensation for injuries. Creating vaccines that help abort babies. Using us as lab rats for experiments. How many people even know what THEY did in Puerto Rico? Or the tetanus vaccine laced with the anti-fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)? We will probably never know the True numbers of those injured or murdered through experimentation, cleansing and vaccines. We can be certain that it is in the many, many, many millions if not billions by now.


What we are ultimately witnessing and experiencing at the moment is another form of extermination wrapped in a shinny gift box sprinkled with glitter and a pretty bow around it. A free gift many will not be able to resist. Some are excited to receive this harmful gift, like a child on X-Mas morning. This gift gives the promise of returning back to the old normal when we were a bit more free. Will we willfully take this gift like the Native Americans took those blankets with smallpox on them? Will we continue to trust criminally insane morally bankrupt Korporate psychopaths with so-called cures to illnesses THEY help create? Will we learn from history or repeat it? Questions we all should be asking at the moment.


The powerful free will choice is ours...


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