Review the EDC Blockchain wallet for Android

Review the EDC Blockchain wallet for Android

By afif | afif | 19 Aug 2019


   Hello Friends, this time I will bring back the topic of the EDC Blockchain especially is the experience of using an EDC wallet for Android smartphones.We need to know that in terms of the volume of devices used, Android dominates iOS with a large margin with a 75.9% market share in November 2017 or 2.3 billion smartphone used. Republic of China and India accounted for nearly half this quantity. Android's share is ready to extend more in 2018 because the world welcomes three hundred million new smartphones, according to the Newzoo Global Cellular Market Report (, you had to know what EDC Blockchain.EDC isn't simply a cryptocurrency, however a multifunctional platform with several advantages for users that provides the power to form cryptocurrencies for your startups and businesses inside the framework of the chosen package.a pool of latest venture capital investors World Health Organization have an interest within the growing influence of EDC Blockchain in the business is actively concerned in the development of the project. the corporate is actively specializing in the Southeast Asian (in specific, China), Latin American and European markets.(for more information,you can check in here

    In this case, I believe the EDC Team is trying to expand the community by making an Smartphones Android Wallet version.below is a small overview Display Interface EDC wallet apps for Android Smart phone:


Okay after you see a small picture above, then I will tell or explain the results of my review in using the EDC Wallet for the Android version if you want to try, you can download the APK file here

The first is a:

  • Login and Register Page


    On the Login and Registration Page when I tried it did not experience network disruption as in web Log in and Register is almost the same and easy as we register in the web wallet, in registering you can enter a user name and password. To log in you can enter the password and brainkey that you copied when registering via the web or in this application.the existence of a wallet application for Android is very helpful in solving some problems, a very good step for the EDC Team!

  • Recovery Page


on the recovery page I was surprised because the recovery steps are very simple and fast just by writing and copying the Brainkey which consists of approximately 16 random words that make it safe. This recovery page only appears once after you register, so make sure you have copied or written 16 word the recovery.for the next version of apps, I hope the EDC Team adds several recovery options such as with Private Key. to make it easier for users to secure.

  • Wallet view Page


on the wallet display page I only know a few currency coins, EDC (main) and ECRO. in the wallet list interface display style downward, maybe this is to make it easier for users to scroll up and down.On the display page of the wallet I know only a few currency coins i.e. EDC (main) and ECRO. In the interface View list of style wallets below, this may be easier for users to scroll up and down. On the top left and top right There is an option, one of the notifications. Below is a navigation menu, it makes it very easy for us to accelerate.

  • Send&Receive Page


   The send and receive page has a relevant and very friendly interface. Every feature makes it easy for the user for example, the barcode scan feature in receiving and scrolling up and down the assets when sending addition, low fees and fast delivery become EDC's competitiveness in showing its superiority to competitors.if you want to have EDC and send it to a privacy wallet on Android you can buy EDC on some major exchanges, you can see it here



  This wallet has some interesting features that are able to compete with other network platform wallets such as MyEtherWallet, ImToken, Trust Wallet and others.Maybe in the next several versions, the EDC Team will soon fix what is not yet available in the Android version of the wallet. Remembering that this Android wallet is still in Beta and may still have some bugs, but I'm optimistic that with the EDC Wallet the Android version will soon appear for IOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux version.Interesting to Wait!


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