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GoodData Visits Stanford: To Discuss the Future of NFT in Metaverse

By AEX | AEX | 13 Nov 2021

This information was obtained by AEX from Stanford UniversityOn November 5 American time, GoodData visited Stanford to hold a NFT summit at The Stanford Faculty Club. On the event, we conducted in-depth exchanges with Stanford professors, college representatives, NFT artists and Silicon Valley elites, and shared GoodData’s discovery in data-based NFT: data can better realize its value in Metaverse through NFT realization, privacy protection and infrastructure construction. GoodData pointed out that to convert data into usable resources, we need channel - data NFT capitalization - on-chain rights confirmation before data can be encrypted and shared with others, and create value, so as to go beyond the circles of games and art to integrate with more areas.


“The Future of NFT” Summit, jointly held by GoodData Foundation and Pledge, was themed “THE FUTURE OF NFT IN METAVERSE ‘NEXT-GEN NFT AND DEFI OPPORTUNITIES’”. JOLENE PAN, a co-founder and CEO of GoodData; TONY Y. CHAN, a co-founder and CEO of Pledge (a loan agreement); GIANFRANCO FILICE, a venture partner of OVO fund; KEVIN DING, a partner of DHVC, and other guests shared important ideas in speeches or on roundtable forums. They started with valuable applications to jointly explore the development opportunities of NFT in Metaverse, putting forward many new ideas, new concepts and financial models. The event attracted the attention of a number of VC investment institutions and authoritative media.


The Stanford Faculty Club is composed of senior professors from various disciplines. The club together with many NFT practitioners provided NFT enthusiasts with rich opportunities to deeply understand NFT, such as keynote speeches, roundtable forums and a dinner party. The number of participants was 50% higher than expected.

GoodData hereby shares with you some “essences” of the summit:

  • The virtual world and the physical world are inseparable, and NFT ensures that we can complete the value transfer of
  • Metaverse is a virtual world connected with the real world and shared by many people. It hasreal design and real economy.
  • Both SocialFi and GameFi will merge with Metaverse. All data will be stored on the Internet in the future.
  • NFTis used to create the best experiences for users in Metaverse, rather than just “encryption for encryption”.
  • Any Metaverse should be completely open to users, with no control or restriction.
  • Metaverse will become the biggest application in the age of blockchain 3.0.
  • The biggestcharacteristic of NFT is giving any item in the virtual world a value, as well as property rights and ownership.
  • NFT gives Metaversea sense of reality. Each “citizen” has his/her own identity, assets, keys,  It is great fun.
  • In terms of attributes and characteristics,NFT should be far more than a pure art work or a game character. It will expand more applications in Metaverse.
  • Only brands with an interactive appearance are interested in virtual activation. Your “embodiment”or virtual version in Metaverse will be equivalently valued and concerned. Cyborg-Goody developed by GoodData is exactly a vivid example of “data personalization”.

NFT truly realizes confirmable property rights, storable value, measurable value and negotiable value of data. GoodData is building more efficient channels to make NFT play a greater role in Metaverse and more ecology systems. This information was obtained by AEX from Stanford University。

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AEX is a global digital asset integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013

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