What are the Global Localized Crypto Exchanges

Demystified: What are the Global Localized Crypto Exchanges

By AEX | AEX | 21 Oct 2021

With the continuous development of the blockchain sector, more and more people are looking at digital assets as an emerging investment target. Exchanges, which take on various roles such as crypto asset exchange, fiat currency entry and exit, and bridging project parties and users, have become the most important traffic collection and distribution center for digital assets.

At the same time, there are huge differences in the nature of cryptocurrencies, exchange regulatory systems, tax policies, etc. in different countries. Let's take a look at what cryptocurrency exchanges are available in specific regions and how they provide crypto financial services to localized users.

The United States, the most developed financial market in the world, has the most detailed regulatory rules for the crypto market, with multiple administrative agencies working on specific regulatory rules based on the nature of cryptocurrencies. The policies vary slightly from state to state, but most of them have opened up the fiat currency function of bank transfers and credit card payments for exchanges.Exchanges like Coinbase and AEX are well-established exchanges with regular licenses, compliantly carrying out various crypto-asset derivatives services, which have a very good reputation and relatively high security.


In Russia, some European trading platforms such as Exmo and Kuna provide users with spot trading and OTC trading services, and YoBit also provides cloud arithmetic mining services. AEX has made mining a refined operation, such as DeFi machine gun pool, liquidity mining, arithmetic mall, etc. Users can participate in mainstream token mining with high consensus and also gain value in the new generation of potential tokens.

In the Southeast Asian market, Thailand is a country with a relatively well-developed regulatory system for crypto assets in the world, with corresponding tax mechanisms for digital asset transactions. The number of tokens on the AEX platform is more than three  hundred, so users can have more choices, and the AEX also has a hierarchy of tokens based on liquidity, price stability, and research foresight.

South Korea is a more mature region for the development of digital assets and has a large user base. Under orderly government regulation, localized platforms such as Upbit, Bithumb , Coinone provide mature coin trading services. AEX reaches out with rich contract services to increase the interest of digital assets. aex provides 19 varieties of perpetual contracts for the region, involving BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, BCH, BSV, XRP, LINK, etc. Crypto assets, AEX support long and short two-way trading, can break through the market bound to earn high profits.

In 2019, the Turkish government has included the central bank's digital currency in its economic roadmap. Their government expressed extreme motivation for the development of a new monetary system and growing private interest in crypto investments. BtcTurk, AEX, Paribu, and others belong to the first tier of Exchanges. They each have their own characteristics and are favored by different types of users.

Africa and South America are relatively young countries in terms of demographics. Young people are more receptive to new things. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can address the needs of locals for investment as well as financial services because of their value storage capabilities and the advantage of borderless payments. The trend of users searching for cryptocurrency keywords in countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya has risen significantly. With a total population of about 1 billion people in the two continents, accounting for 14% of the world's population, AEX is trying to provide blockchain popularization and crypto information services to stimulate their crypto potential markets.

The above-mentioned exchanges have impressive trust scores, daily trading volume, global trading volume ranking, number of online coins and visits, and are performing extremely well in their specific markets. Among them, AEX Exchange pushes differentiated services and refined operations are entering more regional markets.AEX, founded in 2013, is a digital asset commercial bank that integrates trading, finance, lending, and investment, etc. Through its online value tokens and rich financial asset management services, AEX is well suited to the needs of users in different regions.

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AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013


AEX is a global digital asset integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013

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