AEX 2021 Year-End Summary: Layout of New Ecology Towards Globalization

By AEX | AEX | 4 Jan 2022

The first wave is vastly to look back,  with renewing  journey ahead of others
The year 2021 can be called the most dramatic year in the history of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and ethereum prices reached ATH, and crypto market capitalization exceeded $3 trillion for the first time. Multiple tokens launched an impact on the top ten market capitalization rankings, and mainstream value assets faced a reshuffle; Public chain ecologies such as SOL, AVAX and BSC rose strongly, and DeFi ushered in the spring of a hundred flowers; Tesla entered the market with $1.5 billion, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and Musk called out for a single MEME coin, crypto Exchange Coinbase listed in the stock; NFT out of the loop into the public eye ......

In 2021, the hotspots in crypto are attracting the users who are based on traditional finance. There are crypto products penetrating all walks of life at an unprecedented rate. According to PitchBook Data, venture capital funds have invested more than $32 billion in crypto this year, raising more money than the crypto industry has ever raised in its history.


In this year, AEX actively embraced compliance, strengthened financial management features, and launched a determined assault on the international market, continuing to maintain its industry leadership in the midst of extremely rapid rotation changes. A large number of new ecological assets entered the platform circulation, the operation of financial products exceeded 1,000 days, and strategic residency was fully opened ......

AEX Layout of the New Ecology, Let Users to Connect With Trends

In 2021, the crypto industry is changing rapidly, with new waves such as Meme, NFT, GameFi, Meta Universe, DAO, ETH2, Stable Coins, Layer2, Web3, BSC, SOL, Boca and so on emerging continuously. AEX, which advocates value investment, lays out new ecological assets so that users can find good opportunities to participate.

AEX trading depth is good. At the beginning of the year, the dogecoin market was stimulated by the eye-catching price, a series of modal coins represented by pets such as DOGGY and SHIB. As the first exchange to list dogecoin, AEX also became the main platform favored by all kinds of modal coin lovers, such as SHIB, KISHU, DOGGY, SAMO, PEOPLE, etc.

In the middle of the year, L'Oreal, McDonald's, Curry, CNN, Alipay and other organizations or stars outside the crypto circle have been associated with NFT. The success of NFT makes the crypto world look even brighter. Among the mainstream trading platforms, AEX was the first to open the NFT concept version in early 2021 in token trading species, starting with 35 NFT tokens such as TLM, FLOW, RARE, SAND, AXS, CHZ, TVK and ALICE on the shelves, this powerful and important value exchange has started to operate on AEX, helping AEX to develop into a larger financial ecology.

As a star public chain in 2021, Solana has completed various overtaking, with an annual price increase of 10,927%. The market value, DeFi lock value, and ecological project richness of Solana in the common chain field are second only to the leading Ethereum. AEX started laying out the Solana ecology very early, and after the coin trading area went live on SOL, it opened the SOL DeFi Finance, keeping the deep interaction with Solana ecological hot projects and opening the Solana on-chain asset trading management, including SOL, RAY, SRM, FIDA, LIKE, ATLAS and many other ecological popular coins. The SOL activity drive-through activity is exceptionally hot, many users who participate in SOL on-chain asset coin trading and money management, all get extra value airdrop!

The heat of cross-chain protocol polkadot was concentrated at the end of this year, which downplays competition and turns to be the underlying support for cross-chain interaction for various public chains, and ecological projects, showing a blossoming trend in multiple modules such as prophecy machine, DAO, token bridge, DeFi, and games.

AEX supports DOT, LINK, KSM, ANKR, OCEAN, CELR, CLV, PHA, POLS, MXC, DIA, CRU, AKRO, PCX, DOCK, RING, DORA, NSURE, etc. The AEX also directly opens the KSM & DOT parallel chain slot auction column to facilitate users to participate in the ecology of polka.

AEX strictly adheres to the value token strategy and introduces a large number of potential coins in the fields of Web3, Metaverse, DAO, etc.

At the same time, AEX also makes a conceptual identification of tokens according to the current development of the industry, helping users to make relatively accurate distinctions among different tokens. which facilitate users to quickly locate investment areas in the fast-changing crypto world.

Embracing Regulation, AEX Goes International

In 2021, the crypto external environment is complex. Several bitcoin futures ETFs have been approved in America, the first crypto stock "Coinbase" has gone public, China has strictly retired mining and exchanges, El Salvador has made bitcoin a national legal tender. South Korea has started to tax cryptocurrency transactions, and crypto policies vary greatly from region to region, with compliance regulation affecting the lifeblood of exchanges.

Starting with the brand upgrade, AEX has made great strides towards internationalization in a compliant manner.

The year 2021 is also the eighth year of AEX, from a better interpretation of the brand concept, AEX with a new brand logo debuted in July. It uses the element of waves to separate the "A" shape, forming the concept of small A and infinity, which will send AEX to build an infinite future together with users.

In late August and early September, the US and Canadian MSB licenses were the first to be approved. Currently, AEX can conduct foreign exchange transactions, fund payments, digital currency transactions and other types of business operations in many regions around the world.

In October, AEX integrated with Banxa and Xanpool payment platforms to solve the problems of accessing funds in and out of various countries. Add 22 new fiat currency access channels, including USD, AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, NOK, PLN, RUB, SEK, TRY, SGD, THB, PHP, INR, IDR, VND, MYR, NZD, etc. Users in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania markets can enjoy a safer and smoother fiat currency exchange experience on AEX.

At the end of October, AEX went live with staking products, and AEX strengthened its financial services to meet the rapidly growing crypto market and crowd. AEX has formed a multi-financial model ecology including fixed-term, demand, DeFi machine gun pool, and staking, providing users with a richer channel to earn coins. At the end of 2021, AEX financial products have been operating safely for 1000+ days, and The cumulative investment amount of users reached $74.2 billion, earning a total of $201.98 million.

In early November, BitTalk, the global community of AEX, was launched to build a space for users to communicate in depth, and it is a space to gather international crypto information and disseminate it, so that users can gain instant insight into new trends in the industry. Global blockchain enthusiasts, investors, opinion leaders, researchers and project owners can all participate in it.

With the recruitment of brand, marketing, and business ambassadors, the launch of AEX Institute, and the implementation of the strategic residency program, a large number of crypto users have flocked to AEX to enjoy secure and fast crypto asset services. At the same time, AEX has also gained more than 300 international head media attention and coverage from PR Newswire,, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, Markets Insider and other regions, covering the US, Canada, Germany, India, Singapore, etc.

Currently, AEX has millions of registered users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with a growing user base in Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Bangladesh and other regions. Strategic resident staff have started to develop local specialization operations for local markets, such as expanding service languages and developing new products. In 2022, AEX will empower platform users with more value-added scenarios in a series of ecological layouts.


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AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013


AEX is a global digital asset integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013

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