SuperheroLeague - Censorship & Oppression - May 15, 2020

SuperheroLeague - Censorship & Oppression - May 15, 2020

By æternity | aeternity blog | 15 May 2020


Hello, Publish0x Community!

As you all know, SuperheroLeague - The Broadcast Channel for Blockchain is going live TODAY at 4 PM CEST!

Apart from state channels and the Coin Toss game debut, today's Episode 8 will also look into the current state of Censorship and Oppression.

Several renowned experts will join the panel discussion on "How do enacted COVID-19 response plans affect citizens beyond the virus crisis?", namely:

Yasin Kakande (TED Global Fellow & Human Rights Journalist)
Anja Blaj (CSO Future Law Institute & President Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia)
Gordon Einstein (Founding Partner CryptoLaw Partners)
Jillian York (Director for International Freedom of Expression, Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Alex Puig (CTO Caelum Labs & Co-Chair Digital Identity Working Group INATBA)
Joel Konopo (Co-founder INK Centre for Investigative Journalism)


Check the full agenda and tune in at 4 PM CEST today!


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