Blocko Launches a Stablecoin on Aergo Blockchain — The Aergo Gem 💎

By aergoknights | Aergo Knights Blog | 21 Oct 2019


Blocko has official launched the Aergo Gem, a stablecoin that has been deployed on the Aergo mainnet.

The newly issued token is designed with an algorithmic mechanism to ensure a significantly stable value that is to be used for accessing various services within the Aergo ecosystem and beyond its network.

Some quick pointers

♢ The Aergo Gem will be used as a form of payments reward for more than 10 applications.

♢ Users can earn Aergo Gem and use them in other applications & external affiliated services.

♢ The Aergo Gem can be transferred via a smart contract and is set to debut trading on Btrade, a cryptocurrency exchange operated by Blockchain Company.

♢ The relationship between Aergo and Aergo GEM is similar to that of Steem Dollar and Steem.

♢ Blocko will launch its Reward Infrastructures As A Service (RIaaS), a service that will allow organizations to build & introduce a built-in rewards infrastructure.

“So far, the rewards infrastructure has been designed in a closed structure so that it can only be used within that platform,” said Blocko. 

“Aergo Gem is in an Open Source form. It’s designed to be an open architecture that can transfer reward values to any service that incorporates blockchain technology.”

The ability to convert Aergo Gem given as a reward into Aergo is similar to the relationship between the cryptocurrency Steem Dollar (SBD) and Steem (STEEM) issued by Steemit.

On Steemit, users post content and receive Steem dollars from subscribers and other members who upvote it. The rewarded Steem Dollar can be exchanged for the Cryptocurrency Steem on top of Steem’s Blockchain for other use.

Blockchain Company, is cooperating with Blocko and Aergo Gem to build up its domestic and overseas affiliates network with the goal of expanding the Aergo Gem Rewards infrastructure.

Many foreign companies including Vietnamese firms are eager to get involved after receiving many inquiries on implementation, the company said.

Starting with Aergo Gem, Blocko is set to launch its Reward Infrastructure As A Service (RIaaS), a service that will allow organizations to build a rewards infrastructure with the Aergo network.

It supports a packaged solution that facilitates the construction of blockchain-based open rewards infrastructure for local governments and public institutions that need to issue local points or a local currency.

Won Beom Kim, the CEO of Blocko said, 

“In spite of the fact that Aergo Gem has been released in such a short time, inquiries from outside companies and overseas companies that need to secure payment methods are encouraging. We will actively expand the volume of infrastructure and built solutions to increase this mutual benefit.”


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