Join aelf's AMA with Founder & CEO to Win $$$

Join aelf's AMA with Founder & CEO to Win $$$

By Mappo | aelf Blockchain | 28 Apr 2020



Recently, the aelf foundation announced the ‘aelf DAO Management System Draft’ in the saelf governed community. As a new decentralized autonomous organization, how can the aelf DAO achieve the elusive goal of decentralized autonomy? How can community users, developers and production nodes participate deeply in aelf’s community governance based on aelf DAO? How does the aelf DAO incentive model unlock the community’s inner drive?

Ma Haobo, aelf founder and CEO, alongside Chen Zhuling, aelf COO, will focus on aelf governance and development, answer questions about aelf’s DAO Management System Draft, in order to help community users better participate in the aelf community governance of aelf, while creating and sharing the future values of aelf.


Event Time:

Telegram AMA:
Wednesday 29 April, 2020 16:00–17:00 (GMT + 8)

Twitter AMA:
Thursday 30 April, 2020 18:00–19:00 (GMT + 8)

How to participate in the AMA:

Telegram AMA:
Only members of the saelf governed telegram community are allowed to participate in the LIVE AMA. Members of the community can ask questions before the event begins and the aelf team will collect them.

How to join the community: saelf governed community

Twitter AMA:
Follow aelf’s official Twitter account @aelfblockchain and post your questions in the comments section of the AMA tweet and include the ‘#aelfGovDev’. During the activity, there will be LIVE Q & A interaction for one hour on Twitter.


Ask Questions to Win Prizes:
We will not answer every question asked in order to ensure that we can thoroughly answer the top questions during this AMA and maintain quality and efficiency. Community users can ask questions in the AMA tweet comment before April 30th. The top 15 questions (10 good questions/5 excellent questions) will be answered.

  • Good questions: 30 ELF/person.
  • Excellent: 52 ELF/person.

Twitter AMA Rules:

  • Like the AMA Tweet
  • Retweet the AMA tweet and add the hashtag #aelfGovDev.
  • Post your questions and @tag 3 friends

Note: If you have several questions, you can make multiple submissions.


Aelf wishes to help community users to fully understand aelf’s community governance model through this AMA event. At the same time, we hope to get your feedback and collect quality suggestions on community governance and development through the discussion of the ‘aelf DAO Management System’ and the ‘aelf economic and governance white paper’. Join us and participate in the aelf’s development!


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